Thought I’d share assorted containers from Turkey for this week’s photo challenge. First photo shows a gigantic urn in the Hagia Sophia that was originally used for oil storage. ancient urn for oil storageHere we have a heater from the Harem in Topkapi Palace. I imagine it would have contained hot coals to heat the sitting area.heater in Topkapi PalaceI spotted this plastic jar on the Galata Bridge. This container provided temporary and cramped quarters for the poor in a jarThis shop display from the Grand Bazaar showcases a variety of containers. I did not bring any home with me, but maybe next time…
assorted containersI’m afraid a photo challenge on containers would not be complete without my lovely Kush the cat. Here she was testing the fit of a flower-pot. Seems it was just right.Kush in a flower pot

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relics abound

It’s easy to find interesting relics when you travel – especially when visiting other parts of the world. Sometimes it’s because there are truly old things to see, and sometimes I think it’s because you have the time to look around and explore. I haven’t been travelling lately – too busy printing fabrics for the summer, but I do have photos for this week’s challenge.

I’ve selected various views in Ani, Turkey. The deserted city, located on the Turkey/Armenia border, is a relic of the past. Ani was the capital of the Kingdom of Armenia, an independent state established in 884. The population was over 100,000. All that remains in this deserted ghost town are the remnants of Armenian built churches, a ruined Seljuk palace, a couple of mosques and caravanserais and a cathedral. Some are complete enough to be recognizable but others are collections of rubble. It is something to see.Ani

cathedral interior

painted archway Ani church remains church ruins Ani Ani dome view decorated column missing dome ceiling old building parts

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weekly photo challenge : contrasts

There are so many ways to illustrate contrast that I had a hard time choosing for this week’s photo challenge. Then I realized I should just keep it simple and show a couple of my recent prints. Some of my favourite fabric prints involve high levels of contrast, and others are more subtle. There is a place for both contrasts.high contrast print high contrast print low contrast print low contrast print

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weekly photo challenge : between

I have to admit that this week I am torn “between” working on the weekly photo challenge blog post and printing fabric. Fabric printing is clearly winning. I am taking part in a self-directed residency program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. The residency program is organized by CONTEXTURAL, a local fibre arts co-operative. I am using my residency to silk screen images on cotton fabrics which will be used in my quilts. I started with the idea of disguising some older fabrics I don’t like any more, but now I’m having fun working on all kinds of fabrics. Sometimes I work to enhance the existing design, other times I try to completely alter the design, and many times my designs fall somewhere in between! Here are a few samples.
brush stroke designIndian wood block images carpet pattern abstract color abstract doodles more brush stroke design diagonal grid pattern grid patternMy plan is to print like crazy all summer and get back to quilt making in the fall. The crazy part is easy since I’m having a fantastic time!

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