Too Many Ideas – Too Little Time!

Sure – I know that every creative person feels this way, but lately it’s been overwhelming! So rather than try to summarize everything I’ve got going on, I think I’ll just pick something to share so that my blog isn’t totally neglected. I’m busy working on a very stimulating project. I’m hemming tea towels. I know – you’re thinking – how can she handle that kind of excitement – and be able to tear herself away long enough to blog about it? Well, let me explain. First of all, all the fabrics I’m working on are fabrics of my design. They are printed on a beautiful linen/cotton blend fabric by Spoonflower. an online textile printing company. I have been aware of this company for several years, but it’s only after taking a class with Jane Dunnewold at Art Quilt Tahoe that I started to design on the computer. Some of my designs start with my photos and some from scans. What makes if fascinating is that I have scanned artwork that I have created, even some of the textiles that I screen printed this summer. And that’s just the beginning. Once the images are on the computer, they can be manipulated in various ways to create an infinite variety of designs. There is absolutely no end to the fun that is possible! Which brings me back to my tea towels. I love that the designs I’ve created can be made into something useful – something practical that you can enjoy. Since the towels need to be hemmed on four sides, my friend, Lynda, suggested that of course I would need to miter the corners. She described a technique that sounded plausible, but it was one I didn’t have experience with. I assumed I’d be able to find detailed instructions online. I looked and looked and looked and could not find exactly what I was looking for, so I worked with what I could find and what I thought Lynda said and started experimenting. It took a few corners, but I figured it out. I’ve finished about a dozen tea towels (which is 4 dozen corners) and by george I think I’ve got it! Several of my designs are for Christmas gifts, so I can’t show photos of them yet, but here are the steps used to create a beautiful mitered corner.

Here are a few of my designs that I can share now:altered pine cone pattern altered rust pattern altered tree pattern silk screened fabrics pattern altered rust pattern computer created imagerySorry the samples aren’t all properly pressed, but I hate to waste time doing that until they are finished. After Christmas I’ll have more designs to share.

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The Power of Suggestion

Last post I mentioned that my head was going to explode – with ideas, and now I have a cold that makes me feel like it’s actually going to happen! I’ve been fighting against being sick since the first sign of a sore throat on Tuesday evening. Everyday there has been a change, for the worse, even though I am mostly staying home, resting and drinking all the fluids I can manage. (Also taking Tylenol and using an inhaler.) Obviously not enough. Today I lost my voice. I don’t think it has ever been such a complete loss – very strange experience to be certain. Too bad my children aren’t around to enjoy the silence! But life goes on.

Yesterday was the annual Show and Sale of my fibre group – Contextural. It was a fabulously successful day for everyone involved. I managed photos before and after the sale, but I was in too much of a haze to remember to take photos during the day. Drat. I wanted to show you the crowds and how the sunlight bathed the room! It was just lovely. Here are a few photos from the show after we set up on Friday night.partial view of show one view of show Here are a few detail shots of various display areas:assorted sale goods India silk scarves aprons and tea towels pillows woven and printed textiles scarves and pin cushions scarves and bagsLast night I had trouble sleeping because I was coughing, and when I wasn’t coughing I couldn’t sleep because I was overwhelmed with ideas for next year’s show. There must be some truth to the expression “No Rest for the Wicked!”

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OMG My Head is going to explode!

I just returned from a trip to “Art Quilt Tahoe“. This conference takes place at a stunning setting – the Zephyr Point Conference Centre – located on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. It was hard to stop taking photos of the lake and gorgeous surroundings.  This was my outstanding view. No complaints here.lake view from class beautiful lake viewI spent 4 days working with Jane Dunnewold, an accomplished fibre artist I met last year at the Surface Design Association conference in San Antonio, Texas. I fell in love with Jane’s work immediately, and when an opportunity presented itself to take one of her classes, I jumped at it. The class was called ” Improvisational Design for Digital Printing”. It was everything I  expected and more. I have been totally consumed with designing fabrics on the computer and on Sunday night I placed an order. My head was busting with ideas and it was tough to decide what to order first. I ordered from Spoonflower, an online service that does terrific work. I am really excited to see how my fabrics turn out, and I’ll post photos once they arrive.

Here is a piece of Jane’s work, titled “It’s All About Proportion”.work by Jane Dunnewold

The conference classes were small so teachers were able to give lots attention to all their students. Every lunch and dinner featured a speaker, with established art quilters giving terrific presentations. There were amazing quilts on display to stimulate and amaze, and what fun to spend time with so many like-minded individuals! I met some terrific people, including a quilter whose work I have admired for many, many years – Theresa May. I might have even stalked her a bit after we met, but I couldn’t help myself. She is talented and totally unassuming and I was just so thrilled to meet her. Here is one of Theresa’s quilts titled “San José Beauty”. Totally amazing to see up close!quilt by Theresa MayMust get moving now. I’m working on things for a craft sale and I’m a little behind. Where would I be without a deadline?

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What happened to October?

I swear it was only a few minutes ago that I posted – could it really have been Oct. 3? My my my. What a busy blogger I’ve been, just not blogging. Sorry but you all know how that works!

I am stealing a few minutes in the airport to get this post done. I’m off to Art Quilt Tahoe for what promises to be a fantastic course with Jane Dunnewold. The class is called “Improvisational Design for Digital Printing”. If that doesn’t sound fabulous, I don’t know what does! In case you don’t believe me, I’ll post about the workshop and conference at the end of the week – promise.

Here are a few shots to show you what I’ve been up to, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If you already do, I apologize for the repetition.Kush in a basket shields for DFG printed tea towel printed items Kush watching me in the studioDrat – wanted to put some explanations in for the photos, but I’m out of time. Apparently my flight won’t wait for me! So welcome back and thanks for sticking with me.

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