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I was recently asked by Linda Cote of Musings From the Studio, to take part in the “Blog Hop Around the World”. I’m all for an opportunity to meet more bloggers and expand my community of internet friends. There are so many wonderful artists to meet!

I first met Linda through a mutual friend and was taken by her marvelous prints. Her artistic and technical skills are an absolute marvel. I do some lino carving but my work is primitive by comparison (not that we should compare). Fortunately I have been able to collect a lovely selection of her work. Linda lives in the beautiful mountain town of Canmore, Alberta, where she expresses her love of printmaking on a daily basis. Be sure to check out and follow her blog. You will enjoy her work and her stunning surroundings.

Now on to the blog hop questions…

What are you working on?

As I recently completed a self-directed residency at the Alberta College of Art and Design, I’m busy cleaning and sorting everything I brought home from the college. I printed a great deal of fabric and I’m trying to decide exactly what to do with it. I started out with the intention of printing fabrics to incorporate in my quilts, but the volume and variety of the work I produced has caused me to reconsider. I still want to make quilts, but I’m sure that there are other projects that could showcase this material. This is the stack of my summer’s work, along with a printed panel from the end of residency exhibition:printed fabric stack

printed bannerI am working on binding 6 quilts which recently came back from being quilted. No “proper” photos yet but this should give you an idea of what they look like. This is the first quilt of my Bouvardia series completed.bouvardia quilt

As the weather here has reminded me, Christmas is coming. I’d like to take part in a craft sale with the fibre group I belong to – Contextural. Guess that means I’ll be printing napkins and tea towels and more cards. I am going to silk screen and print with my carved lino blocks. I love printing on almost anything! Also stitching some unusual pincushions as I love having sewing projects on the go.

How does my work differ from others?

I favour simple graphics and sometimes layer them to create more complex patterns. I’m comfortable with colour and enjoy working with a variety of materials. Sometimes this diverse range of interests has me at a disadvantage, as there are too many things I want to do. I can’t even seem to get this blog post written as my mind jumps to various work I would like to be doing. I realize that many artists suffer from the same dilemma. Here’s a sample of my tile work from the front of our house:tile wall

Currently I am focused on printing patterns and designs over existing designs, both on paper and fabric. I think this starting point for my work is somewhat unique.4 print samples

Why do I create what I do?

Probably the driving force in my work is color, and one of my favorite expressions is “Too much is not enough.” I love art for art’s sake, but the practical side of me wants to create useful items. I feel that many people don’t want to add “things” to their lives unless they can justify owning them. I think that personal items that we use should be beautiful and give enjoyment. I like making  and embellishing beautiful things that people can use.

How does my creative process work?

I think the style of my work is artistic, but I consider myself a designer. I have a degree in Interior Design, and that background guides my choices. When I start a project, I usually have an idea in mind, and the work develops from there. I find having a few restrictions or limitations helps me make decisions, and I let the materials dictate a lot of what happens.

Between power outages and computer problems I think I’m a bit late getting this post out. I’m afraid I haven’t heard back from a couple of people I’ve invited to take part in the blog hop, but I’ll put their names out as soon as I can. I hope you feel you’ve gotten to know a little about me, and I look forward to meeting more of you on this internet blogging adventure.

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Adventure of a lifetime

Here’s my response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Since my oldest daughter was recently married, I can’t think of a bigger ceremony newly married coupleI wish them all the love and happiness their hearts can hold!

The wedding took place in the gorgeous Floralies Gardens in Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. The reception was held in La Toundra, a stunning venue that was built as the Canadian Pavillion for Expo 67. It was absolutely beautiful. My daughters orchestrated the entire event, and the family helped with various tasks the week before the wedding. (Note colorful paper flowers which were in abundance throughout the venue.) I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Here are a couple of shots of the park, and a favourite shot of the wedding party. (all part of the adventure)garden flowers park view wedding party

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After the rush

I am officially finished working at the Art College for the summer. I am exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. Our program finished on Sunday. We cleaned the spaces we had used and hauled out all our belongings. Now I am faced with huge piles of stuff that need to be sorted and put away, either at home or at my studio. There are also piles of printed fabrics that I need to start working with. Decisions, decisions, where to start?

For the last couple of days our group worked together to hang shows in several locations at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design). If anyone is able to visit, there is some wonderful work on display. We are having a reception on Thursday Sept. 4 from 5pm to 7pm and would love to see you. One exhibit space is cleared out the next day, so even if you can’t make the reception, please try to get by before then. Here are a couple of shots of work during installation.part of room 371LRT windowspart of MNG spaceshop windows

As an aside I wanted to share something I figured out while packing for the show. I had pressed my 10′ long panel of printed fabric and did not want to crease it on the way to the college. Since hangers aren’t big enough to hold the fabric, I created one using a mailing tube and a fabric strip for hanging. I’m sure people have been doing this sort of thing for years, but I was excited because I thought it up my self. I am easily amused.fabric hanger

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several silhouettes

Here’s my submission for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo challenge. I’m desperately trying to put together some photos to order a book. I purchased it about a year ago and of course the offer will expire soon. Apparently I don’t always work better with a deadline! I’ve decided to print a book with photos from my most recent visit to Turkey, so that’s where I looked for the challenge photos.

Galata Tower from the water


tiny skylights

window grill

cat behind grill

inside the harem


Okay – I’m throwing in my 2 cents worth. I tried the new editor and so far am not impressed. I don’t have time to play with this and learn the nuances necessary to use a new system now! WordPress – why don’t you ask first?



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