weekly photo challenge : selfie

Kush wanted to take part in this challenge, but she needed a little help. I was happy to oblige. We were stitching near a window in the afternoon and the light was terrific.Kush the catNot being one to hog the limelight, Kush wanted me to do a selfieĀ as well. It was late at night when I took this shot. Personally, I think she got the better end of the deal. If only I could teach her to take my photo! Work with me, Kush!selfieDon’t forget to check out some of the other fun submissions here.

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13 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : selfie

  1. Great selfies! Cats can be such camera hogs! :)

  2. musingmar says:

    A fun post — Kush is definitely vamping for the camera! It’s nice to see you, too!

  3. […] weekly photo challenge : selfie | Time To Be Inspired […]

  4. mynuttydubai says:

    Love Kush’s selfie :)

  5. It looks like both of you were ready for your close-ups, Terri!

  6. Gorgeous photos of *two* gorgeous females. Bonus! :D

  7. ranu802 says:

    Kush certainly likes his picture taken. Nice job Terri.

  8. Colline says:

    I like both selfies :)

  9. Great shots! Made me smile!

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