My son, Marc, used to tell me how much Kush liked getting into boxes – shoe boxes were her favorite. Of course, her exposure was largely shoe boxes. Here’s Kush in Victoria where I first witnessed her box obsession.

cat in shoe box

When she came to live here, I saved a couple of shoe boxes for her, but she wasn’t that interested. Apparently the mistake was in thinking that I could choose for her. She likes to do that herself.ย If a parcel arrives, it is important to empty the box as quickly as possible, since the cat needs to try it out for size.

cat in book box

cat in box in garage

cat in box

Recently we purchased a sous vide machine. Kush liked the box and the sous vide container – empty or with the cover I sewed for keeping it clean.

cat in box

cat in sous vide container

cat on cover for sous vide

Kush considers any basket or contoured surface as fair game.

cat in basket

cat in bathrooom sink

cat in basket

I’ve lost the battle with regards to keeping Kush off the kitchen counter. My strategy is to wipe things down before I start food prep – and remind myself the cat won’t be here forever. Kush discovered a large mesh kitchen strainer that was a good fit.

cat in strainer basket

cat resting in basket

cat relaxing

cat in sink

ย With this goofy cat around, I need to have a camera handy all the time! ย And I wonder why I’m not getting things done?

53 thoughts

  1. HA HA – my equivalent of Kush is Matlock – 18 month old giant (17lb) goofball. I always have my small camera handy as you never know what he’s going to do – including attempting a somersault in the 10″ wide cat food cupboard and getting himself wedged upside down in the back of it.


    1. I had to google Maru. I had seen a couple of her videos before but didn’t realize there were so many! That is one cute cat, along with someone with a lot of time to video! Kush is taking a bath on my lap as I type. She had a strenuous day of sleeping and needs to freshen up. Thanks for sharing. Guess it just shows that cats are pretty much the same all over the world.


  2. I love this post and every picture of Kush…gosh she and Minnie have to be sisters!!! Minnie has the same personality with boxes and any place that looks interesting…she loves hiding under newspapers as well….thanks for sharing and give Kush our kitty loves:)


    1. Thanks. I’ll pass that compliment along. I appreciate you making a comment especially since you aren’t a cat person. My youngest daughter has allergies and she would still love to have a cat. Hopefully you can enjoy Kush through my blog while I’ve been drafted for cat sitting.


    1. If Kush was allowed outside I’m sure she’d try that as well. Fortunately she hasn’t tried that with my few indoor plants since there isn’t that much room (like that would stop her). It is amazing how cats can get comfortable just about anywhere!


  3. SOOOO cute! We’ve had cats in the past who’ve liked boxes, but Sundae isn’t a “box cat”. They’re so funny when they’re obviously way too big for the container, and they’re just hanging over the edge!


    1. I know what you mean. I’m always very careful about mentioning that in front of Kush. Don’t want to make her self conscious about her weight! Thanks for the compliment, though I’m not responsible for how cute that cat is.


  4. So funny and lovely at the same time. My favourite is of the cat in the sink! I don’t have any cats currently but over the years have found them in many a box, but yours seems a detremined type!!


    1. Kush has a serious habit. Apparently she was sitting in a plastic strawberry container the other day, but I missed it. Cats have such different personalities but I think they are all wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. My favorite is the one where she’s in that shallow metal bowl. What a funny cat! I’ve just about given up keeping my cat off the dining table. If I’m really hungry and she jumps up there, I’ll just keep eating and say “Okay, you’re getting away with it THIS time but don’t get too used to it!”


  6. Priceless Photos. Charlie doesn’t have the agility of a cat but he may try to fit into a bowl some day.


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