Over the week-end my friend, Catherine, hosted a bridal shower.  I offered to bake a cake, because, well, why wouldn’t I?  I decided that something festive and spring like was in order so I set about finding a recipe. Of the hundreds of cookbooks I own, I was unable to find exactly the right cake. After some deliberation, a decision was made to assemble my own creation using components from “Caprial’s Desserts” by Caprial Pence and Melissa Carey. I’ve had great success with recipes from this book in the past.

I made a 4 layer lemon cake with 2 layers of home made lemon curd filling, and one layer of white chocolate buttercream mixed with chopped strawberries. The cake was frosted with the same white chocolate buttercream and finished off with a large heap of freshly cut strawberries. I was pleased, and I’m quite certain that everyone who consumed any would agree.  Here’s the finished cake:

strawberry lemon cake
strawberry lemon cake

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