an award for me? you shouldn’t have – Sunshine Award 2012/06

and again thank you – Versatile Blogger Award 2012/06

and the winner is… 2012/06

award time: oh my! – Super Sweet Blogger, Leibster Award, Beautiful Blogger, Kreative Blogger 2012/10

miscellaneous posts:

2013 – ready or not, here I come! 2013/01

2018 – what’s in store? 2018/02

absolut addiction 2013/04

a change of scene 2012/12

addiction 2012/11

and now for something completely different 2012/10

art inspiration 2012/03

a walk in the park  2018/07

blog hop around the world 2014/09

busy busy busy 2016/12

chihuly garden and glass 2012/07

chihuly garden and glass part 2  2012/07

computer issues 2013/11

december already? 2011-12

earth to vulcan or vulcan to earth? 2013/02

easter tree decorations 2012/04

end of the year 2012/12

fall color 2013/10

fantastic forge 2012/07

flowers 2011/08

feline house guests 2011/08

fridge repair 101 2012/09

get yourself to the esker – pronto! 2016/04

the gorge times 3 2012/06

Halloween better late than never 2011/11

Happy 100 to me 2012/03

helen schuler nature center 2012/08

high level bridge 2012/03

how to add snow to your WordPress blog 2012/12

I can use coconut oil for what? 2013/05

live life the easy way 2012/04

look at me: i’m teaching yoga 2013/01

may/june update 2018/06

museum of making 2012/08

museum of making inspiration 2012/08

museum of making rust2012/09

photo puzzle 2013/09

pop goes andy warhol 2013/02

quick shot post 2018/05

rabbit hole blog 2017/12

red boots 2012/01

seems like just the other day 2012/10

sensory overload in Seattle

snow gauge

somebody wants to make me rich! 2013/01

someone stole my heart

studio update 2014/02

suggestions for cat storage

super socks

surprise! meet Felix!

take a break

take a breath 2012/12

take my breath away

Texas tile 2013/01

that’s really bad for you

this and that for inspiration

time for a little change 2013/03

a touch of snow

Ujamaa grandmas rule 2014/05

Ujamaa grandmas wrap-up 2014/05

watercolor photo 2013/02

weekly photo challenge postponed

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming… 2013/08

what do you see? 2012/12

when in doubt, eat cake

who is in my garden?

medical posts:

thumb surgery

more on my thumb surgery

cast off

thumb update

another thumb update

18 weeks post surgery

surgery scheduled!

surgery – yikes!

week 1 – cast time again

thumb update and a broken leg

week 3 in cast – end in sight

cast away

proper splint

thumb and hand progress




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