quilt borders

work goes on

Slowly and steadily I continue to work on my quilts, and would people please quit asking what I’m going to do with them? I’ll let you know when I figure it out! Until then I’ll just keep working. This week I finished the hand sewing of the bindings on 3 more quilts (which means they are completely done!!!!). I also carved and stamped some images on my 2 newest quilt tops, sewed the backs, completed the labels AND got them into the mail for quilting. Yes, I’m pleased.

Now I’m sewing strips of fabric together to create my own “striped fabric”. I have a couple of ideas for the next quilts, but I need my “created” stripes to work with. Hopefully I’ll come up with something interesting. We shall see. Here are some tidbits of my work in progress.printed quilt top

hand carved stamps on quilt date stamp hand carved stamps on quilt striped fabric striped fabric

weekly photo challenge : contrasts

There are so many ways to illustrate contrast that I had a hard time choosing for this week’s photo challenge. Then I realized I should just keep it simple and show a couple of my recent prints. Some of my favourite fabric prints involve high levels of contrast, and others are more subtle. There is a place for both contrasts.high contrast print high contrast print low contrast print low contrast print

weekly photo challenge : between

I have to admit that this week I am torn “between” working on the weekly photo challenge blog post and printing fabric. Fabric printing is clearly winning. I am taking part in a self-directed residency program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. The residency program is organized by CONTEXTURAL, a local fibre arts co-operative. I am using my residency to silk screen images on cotton fabrics which will be used in my quilts. I started with the idea of disguising some older fabrics I don’t like any more, but now I’m having fun working on all kinds of fabrics. Sometimes I work to enhance the existing design, other times I try to completely alter the design, and many times my designs fall somewhere in between! Here are a few samples.
brush stroke designIndian wood block images carpet pattern abstract color abstract doodles more brush stroke design diagonal grid pattern grid patternMy plan is to print like crazy all summer and get back to quilt making in the fall. The crazy part is easy since I’m having a fantastic time!

weekly photo challenge : saturated

Here’s my take on this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge. I’ve been busy with an incredible yoga workshop all week-end and haven’t had any time at the computer. Forgive my lack of originality here. Saturated to me says color. If I’d been in Calgary in June I would have had some flood photos to illustrate a different definition of saturated. Alas, no such luck. The first photo shows a stack of quilting fabric waiting to be cut into bits. The flowers and fruit are such obvious picks with their wonderful, saturated colors. The colorful motif was painted on the side of a small elephant figure outside the door to the Witte Museum in San Antonio. I’m always on the lookout for design inspiration. (You could translate that as somewhat of a pain to travel with, since I stop to take pictures of almost everything!)stack of quilt fabrics deep pink chrysanthemum painted motif yellow gerbera daisy grocery store apple display