Show me a sign!

Well – where did this challenge come from? I looked this morning and the last one posted was for last week, which I hadn’t gotten around to anyway. But later in the day this challenge was posted, so I figured I’d better get busy. I’m about to take part in a week-end yoga workshop and I will be far too busy and exhausted to play on my computer. Here are a few signs that say New Mexico to me. They are photos from Espanola and Arroyo Seco, towns located between Santa Fe and Taos.Arrow Motel, Espanola, NM Blake's Lotaburger Travelers Mote Arroyo Seco shop

weekly photo challenge : horizon

Here we go again – another photo challenge. Good thing I have these to prod me into posting. I’ve been sew busy lately (yes, I meant that) that it’s hard to get time at the computer! Yesterday as the sun was setting, I was at a fourth floor gallery just east of the city center. How’s this for a city horizon?view of downtown CalgaryI also wanted to share these New Mexico photos. Even though we have wide open spaces and mountain views in the Calgary area, there is something special about the New Mexico scenery that I love.solitary New Mexico peak smoke in the distance New Mexico mountains moon on a clear night New Mexico near gorge

weekly photo challenge : mine

This week (which was really last week) the challenge was (to quote): “ Mine: Is there a place, object, or view that’s entirely yours, or you’re a bit selfish or possessive about? Is it a feeling you feel when you look at the photo, or perhaps an unwillingness to share?” This opens a real can of worms, don’t you think? Should I say I can’t think of a thing so you’ll think what a wonderful and unselfish person I am? Or should I show you the real me, who has so many things that almost fit this challenge? I’m guessing that you want to see the real me, and what would my post be without photos? Here are some interpretations of “mine”. First off here is a view of the Rio Grande Gorge that you see when driving from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico. It is always special. Even though I am possessive about the view, I am totally willing to share.

view of the gorgeHere’s a view that is not shared with too many people – only the special ones who come to visit. It is the view from our deck in Taos Ski Valley:

view from the deckHere’s a view I never tire of, and because of the tile work and all the plants I have put in the garden, I consider it mine. Again, being on a city street, I am happy to share.

front yardSomething special that is mine – my parents. I do have to share them with my brother, but I don’t mind. He’s older than me, so technically he shares with me. Wow – that’s not something I say very often!

me with my parentsThis last photo is a bit of a stretch on the theme. It’s my shadow. For those of you who don’t know me, I am actually as tall as I appear in this picture. Oh drat, you might not believe me if you just saw that photo with my parents. Didn’t think that out very well, did I?

my shadowThat’s it for now. It’s late and I’m off my schedule. Sure hope the next photo challenge comes out on time. I hate people messing with my addiction.

weekly photo challenge : inside

Since I haven’t posted my son’s cat lately, this seemed like the perfect challenge. If you’ve looked at my blog before, you’ll know that Kush the cat LOVES to get into things. Here she is inside a suitcase (helping me pack) and inside a stack of bowls which I foolishly left sitting empty on the table. Obviously that was a perfect nap spot.

luggage cat

cat in a bowlThen I thought I’d share a lovely big tree that was growing right in the middle of a restaurant. The base was so big that at first I didn’t even realize that it was a live tree trunk. But as you can see from the last photo, that tree is growing inside the restaurant. Really.

live tree trunk

restaurant exterior showing treeThis is El Paragua Restaurant in Espanola, New Mexico. The restaurant is historic with a reputation for good New Mexican cuisine. Personally I think they are coasting on their reputation (note the dates on their numerous awards). Next door is a “fast food” version of the restaurant, El Parasol, which I will definitely try next time, as the outdoor eating area was packed with locals. Guess I should have known.