Zig Zag Extreme

This is my entry for the Daily Post weekly photo challenge. As soon as I read the topic, I immediately thought about the road from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu. The buses that traverse this road are not for the faint of heart nor weak of stomach. I speak from experience. I found the ride up tolerable as we travelled at a lovely slow speed, but the ride down was another story. The second day of my visit I went up by bus but I chose to walk down. I was alone on the walk and it was a little uncomfortable at times (being all alone on the forested path) but it was a good choice for me.zig zag road road close upHere is someone who was sure-footed at altitude.llamaIt is worth any amount of discomfort to experience Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu terraced steps distant view

photo challenge : street life

village street, PeruHere’s my better late than never submission for the street life photo challenge. I knew I had some great photos to illustrate this theme, but I didn’t get a chance to scour my photos earlier. This shot was taken on a visit to the Cusco area in Peru. I was delighted to see everyone wearing traditional clothing – such a contrast with the way people dress in North America.

weekly photo challenge : community

This week’s photo challenge made me think about people you are exposed to when travelling. My first photo shows a group of friends travelling in Turkey. We weren’t friends before the trip but we formed our own community as we travelled together in a foreign country. It was terrific getting to know each other as we shared experiences in another part of the world.

lunch in TurkeyMy second photo shows a community of weavers in Peru. These wonderful people (mostly women) invited our group to spend time watching them work, and then to share lunch with them. Potatoes were roasted in a fire pit and served with cheese. We contributed delicious bread from a nearby village. Joining their community, even for a few hours, made for a memorable day.lunch group in Peru

weekly photo challenge : culture

I couldn’t resist this photo challenge. Seriously. Isn’t this a huge reason why people travel? To share and learn about culture in other parts of the world? I know it is a strong draw for me. I selected a few photos from my visit to Peru in 2010. These photos were taken very early in my trip in the village of Chinchero, and I was blown away by the people and color and traditions that make up part of their culture. It was an amazing introduction to Peru!

Peruvian locals enjoying the festivities dancers procession snack break

There are a couple more photos from this fall celebration here. Do check out other entries this week – it’s an interesting  WordPress challenge.