Textile Printing

circles on checks

contextural artisan sale 2017/11

dragonfly print plus 2012/11

first fabric printing 2012/08

how I spent my summer 2014/08

july progress 2017/07

last silk screen class for now 2013/03

march check in 2017/03

newest screens 2013/03

october, and I’m not joking 2018/10

photo challenge: between (silk screening) 2014/06

photo challenge: contrasts (silk screened fabric) 2014/06

playing with prints 2013/05

silk screen study 2013/02

still so much to learn about silk screening 2013/03

summer work(shop) start 2017/06

thank goodness my blog is still here! (printed fabric) 2015/01

work goes on (printing on quilts) 2015/01

Printing, Carving and Papercraft

printed cards pinned to drying rack

an evening’s work 2012/09

after the rush 2014/08

back to the print table 2012/03

bobbin cards 2011/07

calendars 2011/12

can I have the envelope please? 2012/05

card assortment 2011/08

card prints 2011/10

carving and printing 2011/07

card production:slow and steady 2012/09

carving project 2011/07

cricut 2011/07

frida you are looking good 2012/08

last minute printing 2012/01

lino block printing 2011/06

lino carving 2011/08

a lovely pear 2012/08

new cards 2011/11

next round of printing 2012/09

OMG my head is going to explode 2014/11 (computer imagery for printing)

paper sort 2011/07

photo challenge: resolved (card printing) 2013/01

printing at home 2011/10

printing for taos 2011/11

print frenzy 2011/08

print trials 2011/08

reunion prep : printing 2012/07

studio sign 2011/08

too many ideas – too little time (printed fabric) 2014/12


close up of quilt

2015 racing along (quilting) 2015/02

cozy tea? 2011/11

edge of the forest 2015/05

hey diddle diddle 2011/09

I felt that! 2012/02

it’s finished 2013/05

keeping busy 2012/12

look – a different place to pin 2013/05

new computer bag 2011/07

photo challenge: layers (felting) 2013/11

quilting fun 2015/01

quilt love 2014/04

quilts to go 2014/02

step aside I have to finish this quilt 2013/01

studio accessories 2012/02

timetobeinspired.ca you say? 2013/03

too many ideas – too little time (printed fabric) 2014/12

very cozy / coffee or tea? 2012/01

what happened to October? 2014/11 DFG shields

welcome to 2016 2016/02

Tile Work


and now for something completely different 2012/10

number nine, number nine, number sign 2011/08

Texas tile 2013/01

tile projects 2012/03

tile work 2012/11

tile work 2 2012/11

tile work 3 2013/01

Mixed Media

alternate view of my project

ACAD workshop  (with Michael Brennand-Wood) 2011/09

after the rush (Contextural exhibition) 2014/08

an unexpected workshop (with Catherine Nicholls) 2013/03

bloghop around the world 2014/09

Lisa Grey presentation 2013/04

oh Christmas wreath 2012/12

power of suggestion 2014/11 (Christmas sale)

workshop with Jason Pollen 2012/06

Knitting / Crochetlovely green striped socks

string bags 2012/09

super socks 2012/06


absolute soap dispenser

fruit fly trap 2011/08

punch project (hair catcher for the shower drain) 2011/10

soap dispenser 2012/01









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