Hey There! Remember Me?

May 23, 2017

Apologies. Try as I might, I can’t seem to get to my blog. It’s not that I don’t want to, but obviously, it’s not enough of a priority for me to do it. The most I can manage digitally is posting on Instagram (@timetobeinspired) and the odd share on Facebook. How sad is that?

2017 has been a year of change and so far a year of travel. In January and February, I spent 5 weeks in East Africa, visiting Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The trip included 2 outstanding overland safaris plus a week of relaxation in Zanzibar. In April I visited Prague in the Czech Republic for 2 weeks as well as spending a week in Budapest, Hungary. All of these destinations were new to me and for the most part, I have one thing to say. WOW! Seriously. I took thousands of photos and found amazing inspiration and soon I plan on getting down to work to use some of that inspiration. My travels will be shared in posts to follow.

I am writing this from 37,000 feet on a flight from Calgary, Alberta to Halifax, Nova Scotia. My oldest son is getting married later this week and it is time for a celebration! This is a week-long trip. Immediately after my arrival back in Calgary my residency at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) begins. I hope that means that I’ll be nose to the grindstone for 3 months. We shall see.

In the following months, I plan on making a concerted effort to revive my blog. Perhaps my format will include minimal text and lots of photos. Maybe I won’t be able to contain myself sometimes and there will be something to read. Only time will tell. My goal is to post every 2 weeks. In the past, I enjoyed documenting my work, my travels, some cooking adventures and various miscellany. That varied and vague approach will probably continue. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. I hope to reacquaint with some of my online pals. I have missed you.

Here are a few photos of fun things I’ve spotted on my trip so far.


Photo Challenge: Muse

Thought I’d best get a post up – to carry on with the once monthly schedule that I seem to be on right now. Afraid I’m having trouble getting words on the page, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking photos. I am always drawn to the beauty of nature, and even the limited selection in my own garden keeps me busy. Here are some shots taken during the month of June.

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weekly photo challenge : saturated

Here’s my take on this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge. I’ve been busy with an incredible yoga workshop all week-end and haven’t had any time at the computer. Forgive my lack of originality here. Saturated to me says color. If I’d been in Calgary in June I would have had some flood photos to illustrate a different definition of saturated. Alas, no such luck. The first photo shows a stack of quilting fabric waiting to be cut into bits. The flowers and fruit are such obvious picks with their wonderful, saturated colors. The colorful motif was painted on the side of a small elephant figure outside the door to the Witte Museum in San Antonio. I’m always on the lookout for design inspiration. (You could translate that as somewhat of a pain to travel with, since I stop to take pictures of almost everything!)stack of quilt fabrics deep pink chrysanthemum painted motif yellow gerbera daisy grocery store apple display

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

to make this announcement: This is blog post number 300. I wish I had something truly noteworthy to say for this post, but I’m at a loss for ideas. I want to thank all my readers, especially those who take time to comment. Without your comments and feedback, I’d feel like I was talking to myself. I do that enough without having to blog.

I am admittedly bad with numbers. For the last week or so I’ve worried about what to write for blog post number 200. Oops. I checked my stats and discovered that my blog has just over 350 followers which I find pretty exciting. Of course I was pretty excited when I reached 10, then 20, then 25, then 50, then 100. After that I lost my obsessive need to check those figures daily. Now it’s just a delightful surprise when I happen to notice. I know that lots of popular blogs have thousands of followers. What can I say? My blog is more of an acquired taste for selective, discerning individuals. My biggest concern when writing is to try to publish something of interest to me. Is that horribly self-centered? I figure that as long as I’m enjoying the blog, people who share my eclectic tastes will enjoy it as well. At least I hope so.

As I’m loathe to publish a post without photos, let me share a selection of flower photos from my various travels. In keeping with my theme, I chose flowers with many parts – at least 300.flower cockscomb cockscomb cockscomb pink cockscomb dahlia hydrangea deep pink hydrangea deep pink hydrangea pale pink hydrangea lavender hydrangea pink hydrangea pink hydrangea pink hydrangea yellow flower yellow and orange flower white flowersAnd once again, thanks for reading along!