reservoir and mountain view

Photo Challenge: Seasons

I went for a great walk today. Great for several reasons. The weather right now is outstanding, the sun is shining, I had my camera and I live near gorgeous park areas. Even though the weather can be unpredictable and seasons difficult to clearly identify, I feel like today was a perfect spring day. I’m not saying we shouldn’t expect more winter, but today it was spring.

below the reservoiredge of the waterreservoir and mountain viewfence with ice and snow

Plants are thinking about coming to life. There is still some snow and ice around, but most of the pathways are clear, making for good walking conditions. I did find a set of stairs that I’ve obviously walked past many times before. Of course I followed them down, looking for a different route home. My plans were thwarted by icy slopes in the trees and I had to backtrack. I will carry my camera and explore again when the real spring arrives.

I just realized that this is the 400th post I have made. I’m not a big numbers person, but I do love it when someone else keeps track for me!

weekly photo challenge – spring

I want to share the first sightings of spring in my neighbourhood. These aren’t dramatic and colorful flower photos, because that’s not the way spring appears in Calgary. The first photo shows a tiny tulip that was the first to emerge in my neighbour’s garden. The next two show pasque flowers, commonly known as Prairie Crocus. These are a close relative of Calgary’s official flower – red pasque flower – very similar but a reddish colour, and not quite as hardy, judging from my attempts to grow them in my garden.tiny tulip flowers through the fence 2 pasque flowersHere’s Calgary’s official flower – Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra, photo courtesy of pasque flowerMy flower photos were taken 2 days ago. This is my view of spring this morning. Calgary weather – love it or leave it!snowy spring

weekly photo challenge : juxtaposition

My oh my – another week has flown by. Here’s my interpretation of the Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week. I think that our weather offers the most diverse juxtapositions.icicles, snow, fallen leaves and greenery summer table in the snowOur outdoor furniture looks a bit out-of-place in the snow, but the first shot is my favorite. The snow and ice really don’t belong with fall leaves let alone leaves clinging desperately to the trees! Be sure to check out some of the other entries in the challenge.

Computer Issues

We all have them now and again, but that doesn’t lessen the world of frustration felt when programs aren’t behaving the way that they should. Last week I lost access to my photo program (Aperture) and my word processor (Pages). Both problems experienced “errors” while they were updating and would not open because in theory they were still updating. Insert scream and mild hair pulling. I wasn’t worried about losing my data. I assumed that the program and the data included were hopefully stored separately. I thought that perhaps I should just delete both programs and reload them, but that sounded a little too drastic for me to follow through on without confirmation. In order to obtain that confirmation, I booked an appointment at the genius bar at the Apple store. I know there are a lot of jokes about being a “genius” at the Apple store, but for my money – that’s exactly what they are. Fricking geniuses. In my 15 minute appointment I was able to get my problems resolved and learn a little more about my computer with time to spare. What’s that if not genius?

I should point out that without access to my photos I felt like I had lost an arm or something equally valuable. So, I am now a happy camper. I was anxious to work on my blog, but without photos I didn’t think it was worth posting. I never have anything that fascinating to say – I need the visual enhancement of photos. I was panicking because I couldn’t take part in the weekly photo challenge, but then decided that the theme this week – eerie – didn’t really appeal to me. Take a look – there are some great responses to the challenge. Just don’t waste your time looking for mine.

We’ve had some renovations going on in our basement, largely because of water damage during heavy rains in June. I decided that enough is enough – the problem needed to be dealt with. Apparently our house sits on a street with a high water table, even though we are on the top of a bluff above the river. We already had 3 small sump pumps installed, but obviously they were inadequate. On the recommendation of a friend, I called a company who dug up the concrete basement floor to expose the footings. Then a trough was installed, leading to a new giant sump pump. You can tell it’s a giant because it has 3 motors and a battery back up that is larger than a car battery. Unfortuately, this was installed in the adjoining guest room – practically in the middle of the room. In order to fit a bed into the room, we had to reconfigure, tear out the closet and build a cabinet unit to hide the pump. Oh, did I mention that the basement systems people chopped out the bottom 2′ of drywall everywhere that they worked? We’ve been in a real mess trying to get everything repaired and put back together. Yesterday we installed new carpet in the bedroom. I chose carpet tiles from a company called FLOR. This particular pattern is totally random. I love it. The yellow bit shows the wall carpet tilesI’m hopeful that the ceiling will get a last coat of paint today, and then I can start to gradually move things into the room. Unfortunately I’ll have to stuff it to the ceiling because we need to empty the adjoining family room to finish work there. The fun never ends!

Winter has arrived, or at least the first big dump of snow. This coincides perfectly with the new roof that is being installed on our house. I believe the work started 2 days before the snow arrived. But never fear, a little snow is not enough to stop outdoor work in Calgary. As the stomping and hammering and goodness knows what else continues over my head, our roof work continues.roof work continuesThe work in the back yard does seem to be on hold just now, but I’m sure there will be some action there once more of the snow has disappeared. I’m sure of it. I’m sure of it. I’m sure of it. Here’s the view from my studio.back yard

Hopefully the next time I post yard photos you’ll actually be able to see what’s going on!

P.S. There is work going on in the back yard right now. How’s that for the power of positive thinking? Also a huge blue plastic tarp just went up past my window – good to know I’ve got interim coverage from the weather!