I practice yoga at a small private studio, with a terrific instructor and some fantastic fellow yogis. Some of us have been together for about 10 years. We try to get together a couple of times a year for a little social time, since we love to chat and chatting during yoga is not really an option. This year Christmas arrived a little too fast, so we decided to postpone our holiday gathering until the new year. I invited everyone over for coffee and treats. My barista son, Brad, was home for a visit. He agreed to help me out. I left all the Christmas decorations up, tree included, and put out the last of the Christmas baking. Here they are – pecan crunch cookies, peanut butter balls, ginger cookies, shortbread, gingerbread cookies, brun cakes, magic toffee, mocha slices, ginger hazelnut biscotti and fruit cake. This is probably overkill on the photos, but I just love the way they look, and I think they taste as good. I’ll post recipes for some of these. That’s code for “I’ll write them out soon and schedule them for after my surgery.” Here’s a coffee and the treats.

fancy coffee

plate of Christmas cookies


assorted cookie plate

another cookie platter

fruit cake

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  1. I was a very happy yogi to be included in a coffee time where it was hard to decide whether the company or the treats were the highlight – it was yummy, visually beautiful and very good company. As always, your home is a delight at Christmas and there is not another Christmas tree that I know of that boasts such an array of great ornaments. Thanks Terri!


    1. Thanks Catherine. Not everyone appreciates the ornaments, but I know I can count on you to look and really see them. I wonder how long I can get away with leaving the tree up…


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