Here’s my newest experimentation and printing adventure. The carving of CIAO! was made to print over some “C” monogram cards. I thought the ornamentation was Florentine inspired, so an Italian word for my daughter living in Milan seemed just right.

page of samples

Ciao! cardThe leaf and seed head were carved to print on some beautiful autumn themed invitations. I’ve only tried one card with the seed head but I’ll try a few other ideas this week.

page of print samples

autumn cardThis last photo shows some monogram cards I did recently. Hopefully the recipient won’t see them before she gets them. Don’t spill the beans if you’re talking to anyone who’s name starts with the letter “M”.

M monogram cards

6 thoughts

      1. I love anything that sparks creativity. I guess with art, it’s trial and error (well, that’s my opinion anyway 🙂 )

        You’re very talented Terri!


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