weekly photo challenge : renewal

Before I get to the photo challenge, I want to mention that the recipe I posted on Monday for My Best Banana Bread had a typo, which has since been corrected. Thanks to my attentive sister-in-law for pointing that out! Good thing one of us is paying attention.

Now on to the challenge: renewal. Nothing says renewal to me like the growth of plants, especially after winter snow. It has snowed here all day and it’s a beautiful winter wonderland. (Trying to make the best of it since there’s nothing that will change it.) I’m already looking forward to spring, and it’s only November. It’s going to be a long winter. Very long. I’ve included a typical winter shot of my side yard to help you understand the importance of spring growth and renewal.

snowy winter yardTulips from the grocery store remind us that spring will arrive.

tulipsThis is an important part of spring renewal – bedding out plants ready to find a home in my big flower pots.

potting plantsOf course I had to include Kush enjoying the great outdoors. Can’t you just feel the warmth in these photos? It provides renewal for the spirit.

Kush with flowers

Kush in the garden

10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : renewal

  1. Beautiful snowy photos, although — like you — I look forward to spring every November! (Not very sporting for a Rocky Mountain girl!) I think you got more snow there than we did, but it has been cold here (brrr) and the kids are tobogganing their little hearts out. Thanks for the tulip photo…made my day — they are such a cheerful flower! (And Kush is adorable as usual!)


    1. Thanks, Linda. Glad the Chinook has been around I’ll tell you. Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. at the Hand Made Here show.


  2. What has Kush seen in that last photo !!!! Looks like she is standing F.I.R.M. 🙂
    Still got to check out your BBBread . Will report as and when 🙂


  3. Did this get connected from a different post?


  4. Great pictures and for some reason I’m turning the heating up! How does Kush like the snow?


    1. Lovely to look at – not so lovely to touch with her delicate paws! When it’s not too cold, she likes me to open the door so she can get some fresh air. Of course, she doesn’t pay the heating bills so why not just leave the door open?


  5. Terri,your photographs are beautiful.Whenever you post the photo of your cat,it reminds me about our cat Thursday.She was so affectionate and playful. Thank you for sharing your photographs.


    1. I hear that Tush is now a bit of a ‘fraidy cat’ about venturing out into the snow – not that I blame her(?) one bit. Me too!


      1. I’m going to tell her that you called her “Tush”. She’s very sensitive about her size you know! And she does like looking at the snow.


    2. You’re welcome, Ranu. I can’t seem to get away from her photos – my library is full of them!


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