I’m not sure why this challenge was such a beast, but nothing came to mind to illustrate this ethereal feeling . However, as I sorted through my photo library, I found a few photos where I think you can see the love.

Z & K V & girls B & B M & D

There isn’t anything stronger than the love between a mother and child, and the bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren is pretty amazing too. Of course newlyweds’ love is a truly beautiful thing to behold. Why else do we cry at weddings?

Click here for everything you need to know about this challenge. You’ll also find lists of other participants – well worth spending your time checking them out!

14 thoughts

  1. Love makes the world go round…. super that it is so common to mankind. I don’t mean common in any ‘common’ sense. To me it is amazing that we learn love, find love and ARE loved. Biggest gift of a lifetime…


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