Simply had to throw in a couple of recent “up” photos. I love tall buildings and the beautiful reflections in their windows. Architecture is so amazing. I enjoy a variety of buildings – old and new, especially viewed from different angles. These are shots taken in downtown Calgary. I don’t usually spend much time in the downtown core (our parking rates are some of the highest in the world) but I’ve had occasion to pay the price lately. These are random buildings, starting with our newest – the Bow. I think it is magnificent – worthy of its own post. (coming soon) I’ve also included the Calgary Tower. The flame was lit to mark the passing of our late Alberta premier, Ralph Klein. The Calgary Tower used to be the tallest building downtown, but it has been dwarfed by many, many buildings over the years. It is still an iconic symbol of our city.

Bow facade Bow detail building with tree office towers Calgary Tower flame on Calgary TowerImagine my surprise when I looked up and saw this great old building! But as the saying goes – what goes up, must come down.

building coming downCheck out more entries in the photo challenge here.

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  1. Great photos of skyscrapers Terri! I always hate the site of demolished buildings. I especially hate when they’re imploded; something I feared would be done to the old Yankee Stadium. Instead, it was removed bit by bit and every possible piece of it has been sold or is still available for purchase. Something about that is equally repulsive to me.


    1. I really love great old buildings too, but I suppose at some point it isn’t practical to bring them “up to code” and old safety standards are just that – old. The interesting thing about seeing this building come down was that it was like a cut-a-way view. As a designer, I loved seeing that side view. If I was any good with photo editing, I’d have added tiny people on some floors, waving their hands to stop the destruction!


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