I’ve tried to get it together to write about the fantastic presentations at the recent conference, but then I came across this post by Cameron Ann Mason. Seriously, I can’t really add to what she had to say, so I’d suggest you read her post. I’d also suggest you read her post about the SDA Members’ Show. I showed a few pieces in my last post, but Cameron has more photos and some great detail. Interestingly enough we did both choose some of the same pieces to highlight. Now, while you’re at it, you should certainly read Cameron’s post about the gallery tour day.

Now, here’s and assortment of photos from my time at the conference:

at Gallery Nord downtown architecture columns of the Majestic architectural detail San Antonio library library interior mosaic bench quilt by Michael James fiber exhibition river walk Texas stars serpentine tile bench Texas style "Canadian" regional meetingview from universityfashion show entrynew friends

cermics at SSA Coates Chapel at SSAcactus flower

The next photo is from the presentation to promote the next SDA conference in 2015 in Tulsa. Can’t wait to visit Oklahoma!

Tulsa conference promo

The last photo shows what I think is the greatest example of “recycle/reuse”. Our taxi driver had altered his name tag. He recently changed cab companies and this seemed to work for him!

taxi driver's badgeI thoroughly enjoyed my first Surface Design Association Conference. I met great people, saw fantastic art exhibitions, heard incredible lectures, ate excellent food and loved getting to know San Antonio. The whole experience was inspiring, and if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to work!

4 thoughts

  1. I love your photos. You have a great eye, Terri. I also appreciated the punch line at the end of this post. Maybe one day you’ll exhibit at this conference? With Kush as your trusty assistant, it’s possible.


    1. Thanks, V. I do hope to take part in the members’ show next time. That gives me almost 2 years to get my “stuff” together and create something that won’t embarrass me! If Kush is going to assist, she’ll need to join SDA. I wonder if they offer a reduced rate for cats…


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