best of britain – woodstock

Woodstock is located next to Blenheim and we spent a little time wandering around. I haven’t much to say about it, but I’m feeling guilty for not posting lately. Since I’ve updated my computer’s operating system I have been experiencing some technical difficulties. I haven’t had time to sort them out because I’ve been too busy printing cards. I’ll try to post the newest cards soon, but even loading photos to this blog is proving to be a challenge right now.

Woodstock pub

hotel sign in Woodstock

church in Woodstock

Woodstock church interior

back of pews showing cushions

butcher shop in Woodstock

teacup art

best of britain – Blenheim Palace

initial view of Blenheim Palace

I want to say now that I find it very frustrating to visit places that don’t allow photos. I mean really, what’s with that? I never use a flash and I don’t get in the way of other people so what is the problem? Sometimes I think it is just a ploy to sell postcards, sometimes it MAY be a security issue, but most often I think it’s just something to drive me a little bit crazy. Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, is one of those places that doesn’t allow any photos inside. The palace was thoroughly enjoyable, even without access to my camera. The scheduled tour was worthwhile and the grand scale of the property was impressive. The following are a few of the shots I took OUTSIDE.

looking up in the entrance to Blenheim

entrance ceiling at Blenheim

exterior view at Blenheim

sculpture at Blenheim

exterior view of Blenheim

water gardens at the rear of Blenheim

rear view of Blenheim

fence and shadow

fountain at Blenheim

topiary birds

gate at Blenheim

building detail at Blenheim

rooftop view

best of britain – cliveden

While in the Cotswolds we visited some fantastic places. One of our first stops after leaving Windsor was Cliveden in Buckinghamshire – an incredible country home which has turned into a private hotel. The gardens and woodlands surrounding the house are stunning. There are incredible gardens both formal and informal, an elaborate maze and lovely woods that seem almost groomed. Beds of flowers offer a riot of color. I’d love to know how many people spend their days  keeping the property looking so good!

We found charming stone markers scattered in the woods for favorite horses who lived and died on the estate . I think my favorite spot was the Secret Garden, a small fenced in garden tucked away from the main traffic flow. There actually weren’t many people around so it was a very peaceful visit.

first view of Cliveden

Cliveden house

magnificent birdhouse at Cliveden

unidentified tree flower

horse grave marker

sweeping view of garden

topiary tree at Cliveden

topiary birds at Cliveden

abundant flower garden

fountain at Cliveden

view in the secret garden

amazing purple flower at Cliveden