Too tired to blog!

I was worried that I might have trouble posting from my iPad while travelling, but the truth is that I haven’t had a moment to even try! I’m not complaining. I’m in Turkey right now and I’d have to be an idiot to complain about that. So, as I have a few minutes to spare right now, I’m going to try and post a few photos. Already have a few thousand to edit when I get home, so this is a non-organized assortment to tease you about what I’ve seen lately. More to follow when I’m home at the computer.







historic market square

This San Antonio market area was only a few blocks from our hotel, so a group of us walked over after the closing remarks of our conference. I fell in love with the colorful vibrant displays of merchandise and festive restaurant decor.





In the farmers’ market building (which no longer houses a farmers’ market) we were entertained with traditional Mexican dances. The costumes were lovely, and the young dancers were very cute!



We had a late lunch in the heart of the market at Mi Tierra. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was festive. The staff were all pleasant and seemed to be enjoying their day. It was a great break in our day.

Mi Tierra Restaurant lunch at Mi TierraWe finished off our fantastic week with a walk along the River Walk. We had intended to take an evening cruise to enjoy the lights, but we missed the last boat – literally – by 15 minutes. Oh well. With all the food I consumed over the week, the exercise felt good. These are my new friends from Ontario – friends I intend to see again, whether they like it or not!

Riverwalk viewI still have photos to post from the conference and I’ll get on those as quick as I can. Been travelling with no time to post properly, and I’ve arrived home to a bit of flood damage (minor but frustrating) so I’ll need to deal with that first. Glad to be home.


weekly photo challenge : the sign says

Our local radio d.j.s must have that phrase in their heads. Can you tell the sort of stations that I listen to, when I hear “Signs” by the Five Man Electric Band – EVERY DAY? As if I didn’t know all the words! I took a look through my photos and here are a few of my favorite signs. The first sign needs no lettering to tell everyone what is for sale within the shop – it speaks a universal language. The second photo relies partly on its graphic quality to sell dogs in a Seattle tourist area. I like 3 dimensional signs.

gelato sign Seattle marketI love this next sign, but possibly because I’m intrigued with a shop that only sells tripe! This was in a market in Florence, Italy I think.

weekly photo challenge : close

I took a short course at the University of New Mexico (Taos campus) on Peruvian culture, and the field trip for the course was a trip to Peru. There were less than 20 of us in the class, and we travelled together for a couple of weeks. It was a fabulous experience. I chose my photo challenge photos from that trip. The first photo from the market in Cuzco shows closely packed items Р vegetables and grocery items all together. Then you can see how close people are when they grab a bite to eat at the same market.

market in Cuzco

market in Cuzco

Here is a flower seller almost lost in her tightly packed booth. It would be difficult to get those flowers any closer together.

flower market

I love this close group of friendly llamas and alpacas. They were anxious to get close to anyone willing to feed them!


This is my favorite “close” shot. Check the people you can see through the windows on this mini-bus. I was fortunate to have a bit more breathing space on our bus. In fact, our normal little bus was downright luxurious by comparison!

crowded mini-bus