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Get Yourself to the Esker – Pronto!

Recently I had the privilege of attending an exhibition tour conducted by Naomi Potter titled “Colour Chart”. It took place at the Esker Foundation  in Calgary, where the current exhibitions are titled Jack Bush: In Studio, and Colleen Heslin: Needles and Pins. These exhibitions work incredibly well together. As much as I enjoyed the work when first arriving at the gallery, my appreciation grew as we learned more and more about these two artists. I can’t wait to go see it again! These exhibitions run until May 8, so if you are anywhere in the Calgary area – you have no excuse to miss them.

If you have never visited the Esker Foundation – what the heck are you waiting for? Rather than repeat myself about how incredible this place is, please check out my post Amazing Calgary Art Experience. Seriously people, what do I have to do to convince you? How about this – admission and underground parking are free. Got it? Now get going.

Here are a few photos of Colleen Heslin’s work. Colleen works with fabrics which she has dyed (linens and cottons) and sewn together to form her wonderful works of art. You must see them to appreciate them.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get out to see this show. You’ll thank me for it.


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Amazing Calgary Art Experience

Last week my friend, Catherine, suggested we visit a gallery in Inglewood  to see an art exhibit. (Of course this would be followed by lunch in one of the interesting restaurants found in the area.) We saw a wonderful photography exhibit titled “Splendid Isolation”, featuring the work of  Olga Chagaoutdinova, Miruna Dragan, Orest Semchishen and George Webber. This show is sponsored by an incredible gallery, the Esker Foundation located in the Atlantic Avenue Art Block. This 15,000 square foot gallery space is a truly fantastic addition to the Calgary art scene. I wasn’t able to take photos of the exhibit, but I must share some photos of the building. There is a stunning metal sculpture in the foyer of the building, and the frosted glass stairs are part of a functional work of art.

building stairs just outside gallery gallery reception area view towards stairs

One of the most interesting details in the gallery is the boardroom. It is located in a loft area and looks like a giant white nest. Metal strips are wrapped and woven to form an oval-shaped enclosure. Catherine and I went up the stairs to explore and we were not disappointed. I loved the feeling of being in such an airy enclosure. The custom designed board table is beautiful. The lighting is exquisite. I felt like I was in a giant Christmas ornament.

Just to make my point, I’ve included a photo of a Christmas ornament made by my friend, artist John Garrett of Albuquerque, New Mexico. John’s ornament is constructed of painted sheets of aluminum which are cut into strips and woven into spheres. I have several of them and they are among my favorite decorations. This one hangs in my studio year round because I can’t bear to put it away. The gallery boardroom is a much larger scale with heavy metal bands, but really it’s the same thing but bigger.

I would strongly recommend a visit to this amazing gallery to anyone living in or visiting Calgary. Admittance is free and parking is paid if you park in the parkade under the building. Can you beat that?

gallery boardroom outside of boardroom nest interior boardroom view boardroom wallJohn Garrett Christmas ornament

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