Totally textured

Here’s my submission to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture. There are many examples where texture becomes a pattern so I tried to find examples where you could easily see the texture. Since the first two I found are green, they would also fit with the DPS (Digital Photography School) challenge this week – green! The first photo shows part of a glass sculpture from Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. The others are organic – plants and trees from my travels. Which one do you like best?green glass green grass tree trunk palm trunk

weekly photo challenge : object

Here’s my first off the top of my head idea for the Daily Post weekly challenge. I spotted this wonderful object – a glass sculpture – at my dentist’s office last week. There were actually 5 creatures on display, but this was my favourite. He (or she) was created by  Bee Kingdom Glass, Fine Art and Design in Calgary.Glass Monster

Another object comes to mind – a big shiny new object I picked up today! It’s been a good week.photoOkay okay, I realize this isn’t a great photo, but it was too cold for a proper photo shoot outside in the light. P.S. Happy Year of the Horse!

weekly photo challenge : purple

So many purple things to choose from…. where to begin? The first photo shows 3 of my friends in the garden. I painted them several years ago and they’ve lived outside since. I love their weathered look, but they might need another layer of color this summer.

painted yard ornaments

The second photo is a piece of Chihuly glass from the Seattle exhibition. Most interestingly the outside of the form is completely different in color and pattern from the inside.

Chihuly glass

This next photo shows a section of tile mosaic from the side of our house. You’d better believe that it is hard to find a decent selection of purple tile to work with, unless you want to invest a small fortune for imported tile. I even resorted to flipping some small tiles upside down just to add some variety!

red, black and purple mosaic

The last two photos are also from Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. I love the contrast between the day and night photos of the same section of purple glass. (I’m still plugging to get you to go see this for yourself. No, I’m not on commission, though that would be a good idea…) This is a magical place – no other way to say it. Do not visit the Seattle area without going there or else!

purple in Chihuly garden

purple glass at nightI have a plethora of purple flower photos, but I think I’ve shown enough to show you that I love the color!

chihuly garden and glass part 2

Earlier I posted on the glass exhibit inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Here are my photos of this wonderful garden in the heart of Seattle – during the day and then again at night. This is an incredible place to visit and I can’t wait to go again!

big yellow ball

purple glass

beautiful blue glass

yellow glass on dark grass