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Photo Challenge: Seasons

I went for a great walk today. Great for several reasons. The weather right now is outstanding, the sun is shining, I had my camera and I live near gorgeous park areas. Even though the weather can be unpredictable and seasons difficult to clearly identify, I feel like today was a perfect spring day. I’m not saying we shouldn’t expect more winter, but today it was spring.

below the reservoiredge of the waterreservoir and mountain viewfence with ice and snow

Plants are thinking about coming to life. There is still some snow and ice around, but most of the pathways are clear, making for good walking conditions. I did find a set of stairs that I’ve obviously walked past many times before. Of course I followed them down, looking for a different route home. My plans were thwarted by icy slopes in the trees and I had to backtrack. I will carry my camera and explore again when the real spring arrives.

I just realized that this is the 400th post I have made. I’m not a big numbers person, but I do love it when someone else keeps track for me!

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weekly photo challenge : grand

Here’s my entry for Daily Post’s photo challenge this week. I think that many things I photograph are grand. Some are large, some are small. I think it has more to do with your point of view. A lot of grand photos rely heavily on nature, which truly is grand.River Park clouds Buddha's hand citrus fruitairplane view

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watercolor photo

Nothing clever or informative to say today. I’m busy prepping for my silk screen class again and looking forward to more big fun. I found this photo that I took on Saturday and was reallly impressed by the water color effect I achieved. Of course, it was completely by chance. How do you like it?

water color view

The only things I did for this photo were to shoot through a dirty car window and go over a bump in the road as the shutter snapped. Not that easy to duplicate! Since Kush hasn’t had her photo in the blog lately, here she is in a flower-pot at the side of the house. She found a sunny spot and spent a couple of hours watching the world around her. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and relax for a couple of hours, but that doesn’t seem to be part of my lifestyle. Make no mistake, if I’m reincarnated, I’m coming back as a cat.

Kush in a flowerpot

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