Quilts to go!

In the continuing saga of my quiltmaking, I am pleased to tell you that I recently sent 6 quilt tops to Red Red Bobbin for quilting. I had them almost completed before Christmas, but were time consuming details that had to be attended to. I had to select fabrics for the backing, cut, stitch and trim that backing and then package things for shipping. I agonized over the packaging. You can only imagine how much procrastinating I did to stretch the process over 6 weeks! But the quilt tops have arrived in Ontario and I have temporarily relinquished responsibility for their progress. I will have more work to do once they are quilted, but for now I can concentrate on other projects. Here are the quilt tops wrapped in their respective backings before shipping.quilt stack

I’m afraid another addiction has surfaced – one that I’d successfully controlled for the last couple of years. I caved after getting this adorable little puzzle – which still kept with my quilting theme. I was really glad to finish, because I couldn’t seem to focus on anything else until then. Only once did I have to contend with a playful cat who leapt up on the table and sent puzzle pieces flying. Only once.quilting puzzle box completed quilt puzzleAs you can see in the next photo, the puzzle box was quite small – not big enough to show the entire puzzle, and certainly not quite big enough for Kush.Kush in the puzzle box

timetobeinspired.ca you say?

Heaven help me. What have I done? In an attempt to “upgrade” my blog, I registered a new shorter address to eliminate the need to type wordpress all the time. I wanted to increase the amount of photo memory available, as I have a lot of photos on my blog. Also when I’m ready to post a video, I have that capacity. Aside from those things, I don’t know what I’ve gotten into.

I’m really not sure of  the consequences of my actions, but it’s done now. I thought that if I waited till I really understood everything involved in the transition, I would never be able to do it. I think that anyone wanting to follow my blog needs to sign up for emails at the bottom of the page. I’m not sure, but I think that’s how it works. So, if you are at all interested in seeing what I’m up to, please sign up for email notification. You can still “manage” how often you receive those notifications.

That brings me to another thing. I have faithfully blogged at least 3 times per week for the last year. I enjoyed doing it, and setting up a schedule was good discipline. Now I’m ready for a break of sorts. I’m switching to a twice a week schedule, and I’m only doing the photo challenge when I feel like it! There, I said it. Now let’s see what happens… I doubt there will be any effect at all, except on the time I will spend writing posts. Perhaps I’ll have time to read a few more blogs now! I’m afraid that my reading and commenting falls by the wayside when I get busy. And I have been busy.

Today was an exciting day in the studio. I completed some quilt blocks that I’ve been working on. In an attempt to use fabric and create something wonderful for my family and friends, I have decided to make quilts. I mean, who doesn’t love a colorful, hand-made quilt? Since I don’t seem to be able to do anything in a small way, I started with enough blocks to make at least 5 quilts. 100 blocks in a loose interpretation of a log cabin pattern. As you can see from the photos, I’m using a huge assortment of fabrics. I’m loving the challenge of using my fabric inventory (with the addition of some necessary color value purchases). Here’s a peek at my handiwork:

edges of quilt blocks pile of quilt blocks piles of quilt blocks

bobbin cards

Recently I spent an evening printing, and this is what I accomplished – red bobbin graphic printed on 48 quilt cards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as on several other cards. I was looking for a way to personalize purchased stationary, and I think I’ve found it. I’ve been saving this post until I get the cards mailed to my friends so I don’t ruin the surprise. Hope they like them. I think they turned out really well. The image is subtle on some of the quilt designs and very obvious on others. I thought it was important to do it in red (for their business Red Red Bobbin.)

bobbin logo cards drying

quilt card with bobbin image #1

"hearts and flowers border quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #2

"sunshine and shadow quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #3

"memorial crazy quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #4

"fan quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #5

"star of bethlehem with twenty stars quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #6

"mariner's compass quilt"

quilt with bobbin image #7

"album quilt"

quilt card with bobbin image #8

"amish pinwheel quilt"

I’m anxious to choose other “personal” motifs to carve and print. Again – going to be easier with 2 fully functional hands. Thankfully the planning is good fun.  The same night I printed a little heart carving that I made with left over carving material. The circles in the heart are made by inserting the point of an exacto knife on an angle, and turning the material in a circle. It works well for little itty bitty circles. I can only imagine what they will look like with a little practice!

heart image with dots on card

I printed this card just to see how fabulous the colors would look together. I was right.

red bobbin image print

And just in case you wanted to see them again, here’s the group of cards together one more time.

full selection of bobbin quilt cards

carving project

I’ve been working on a couple of small projects for printing. My friends, Louise and Jim, have a quilting business in Ontario called Red Red Bobbin.  This is a full service quilting business that they are passionate about. Their work is truly outstanding, and I want to help them any way I can.  I wanted to use part of their logo for a print image, so that I can make something for them.  Here’s the start of the project. Remember – this was just printed with rubber stamp ink to check the images. I still have to work on them.  The “thanks” image is also a work in progress.

bobbin images

first trial of red bobbin carvings

This is something that will be easier with 2 hands. The fingers and palm of my right hand tire easily when I use them too much. I want the healing to be done!