Several months ago I signed up for a class at  The Art Tree  to try my hand at making lino  prints. Over the course of three weeks we carved and printed using a variety of materials. I’d done some of this printing years ago, but the softer carving materials which are now available make the process really enjoyable. During the course I carved several blocks with heart shapes, a baby portrait and an elaborate flower. I was hooked.

I’ve spent several evenings since then working with my friend, Susan Fae, carving and printing. In my usual enthusiastic manner, I ordered some supplies from  Curry’s Art Supply  in Toronto. Now I have enough block material to keep me occupied for quite some time!  (That time could be measured in years rather than months or weeks.)  I discovered that I love carving blocks. This is of course part of my problem – I love SO MANY THINGS!

I thought it would be fun to carve a design for a Christmas card. Here’s the snowman block I made. Notice that the snowman isn’t actually printed on a card yet, as I’m still getting a feel for the printing process. I like the effect of printing on a map and can’t wait to try other printed backgrounds.

carving snowman in lino block
carving the snowman block

snowman lino cut print

snowman lino cut printed on map

Since I don’t need a lot of Christmas card designs, I figured a very usable image would be for thank you notes. I carved one version of “thank you” tonight.  I printed on tags which Susan Fae was going to recycle.  (She changed her mind and kept them for us to print on. She is learning to think like me.) I think they look great.

hand printing small thank you block

thank you printed on tag

I’ve carved some background texture stamps, but I’m not sure what to carve next – there are just so many possibilities!  Any suggestions? I’ll post more photos of the printing session later.

One thought

  1. Hi Terri,
    Nice blog. I like the “Love so Many things” and yes I’m definately learning a few things from you.
    The lino block looks great. So it’s like Christmas in June, you are so organized, thinking of Christmas already..
    Happy Trails 🙂


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