On a recent visit to Toronto, I made mustard for my girls, Devon and Christine. I was feeling guilty for not having made any recently and since Marc was in Calgary, I thought he shouldn’t leave home without it. This was the incentive I needed to make a couple of batches. I gave him two jars, plus a jar of my pickled onions. I gave mustard to my eldest son, Brad, when he came to take care of me after my thumb surgery. (more on that later)

This fabulous and delicious mustard is made from a recipe that I received from my friend, Fiorine. I am unable to share this recipe as I am sworn to secrecy. However, if you would like to purchase some of this mustard, you can pick some up in Thunder Bay.  I love how the jars look when they are filled.

mustard jars lined up on the counter

By the way, I’m always on the lookout for mustard sized jars, in case you want to give extra life to a jar before it hits recycling.

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