trial thank you images

I’ve spent a couple more evenings working with Susan Fae, and I’m still trying to get some more carving done before we really get down to printing. So far we just print what we need to check and see how the carving process is going.  Sometimes we even just use stamp pads to check our progress.  I realize that I won’t be doing much printing for the next couple of weeks, but I’m optimistic about getting back at it.  Here are samples of what I’ve been working on:

carved leaf design

This leaf design was inspired by watching an excellent instructional video: Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop with Gloria Page.

first carved flower

This flower design was started in class and I continued work on it to make the lines more bold.  I like the image printed on a piece of map.

sample images for thanks and wonder

Carved these one night and tested them with stamp pad ink, which is why they look a bit pale. They still need work.

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