Even though my hand surgery has prevented me from doing any tile work this summer, I thought I should throw in a post with some of my past projects. The first one I’m sharing is actually the last thing I did. I wanted to have tile house numbers, but so many tile numbers are difficult to read. Having delivered dry cleaning with my dad for many years as a kid, I recognized the importance of clear and readable numbers. I decided the best way to do them was to find excellent metal numbers, mount them to a framed board and tile the background. House numbers are a small project that gives you an opportunity to use special tile that might otherwise be too pricey to work with.

tile project with house numbers

This next picture gives a bit of an idea of the numbers installed. Since they are located on a tiled wall, they are actually hanging from the roof overhang a few inches in front of the wall.

view of wild front yard showing part of tile work on house

You might have to look hard to see the numbers by the front door. The wolf willow by the pond gets carried away very easily and it needs to be cut back. (It always needs to be cut back.) Apparently planting wolf willow next to a pond is only a good idea if you LOVE IT!

What do you think?

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