I’ve been busy printing cards and organizing what I need to get them ready to sell. I had a stamp made for the back of the cards to identify the fact that I’m adding to an existing card, sometimes working over top of another person’s artwork. I also made enclosures so that people know the cards are blank inside. Finally I ordered clear bags to hold the cards, keep them clean and make them look more professional. It’s amazing what a difference those clear bags make! I’m creating some inventory before I try marketing and I am having a great deal of fun. I’ve worked in a color range that is not my favorite, but I’m trying to push beyond my comfort zone.

The leaf card was printed by inking an actual leaf and sandwiching it between two cards. Seasonal work. Here’s a little sample of last week’s work:

cards waiting for the ink to dry

card samples

card showing back, card in package

One thought

  1. Wow Terri, These cards are so wonderful. I never considered describing a color comfort zone…you’re just good with color, period. Ok, so you sandwiched the leaf, did you also sandwich the butterfly? Tee-hee.


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