Just realized that I haven’t said anything about my thumb – post surgery – for quite a while. This is a good thing, as it means it is gradually returning to normal function. I’ve done physio for the past 8 weeks and the results have been very encouraging. I have a good range of motion in my hand and can do most “normal” activities. Strength building my wrist is the new focus. As I continue to use my hand as normally as possible, it continues to improve. Yoga provides challenges as well as opportunities for improvement.

With the positive success of my surgery, I am considering having a carpo metacarpal arthoplasty on my left hand in the new year. I need to get through the Christmas baking season first. Of course, this drives me to keep working on a number of projects which will be put on hold in the aftermath of the surgery. In the long run I know this will all be worthwhile.

Not sure if you can truly appreciate the difference in my hands from these photos, but I can feel a tremendous improvement.

side view of my hands

open view of my hands

What do you think?

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