It’s been 28 weeks since I had surgery on my right thumb (carpo-metacarpal arthoplasty, but you probably remembered that). Progress has been slow and steady and absolutely amazing. The most astounding effect of the surgery has been the difference it has made to my right arm, right shoulder and the right side of my back. The right side feels normal and my left side feels knotted and twisted by comparison. This is noticeable because for years my back has felt knotted and twisted and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing to cause it. Who could imagine that it could be because the joint at the base of my thumb was fused? I know that body parts are not isolated – everything is connected, but this is an extreme example as far as I’m concerned. The week before Christmas I met with my surgeon, and together we booked a surgery date for my left thumb – February 1. And yes, I’m nervous and excited and feeling pretty much like I did before the first surgery. Except now I have a better idea of what to expect.

As an update on my right hand, I’m still doing physio exercises. I think that yoga is the best thing I’m doing to stretch and strengthen my hand, wrist and arm. I’m going to have a splint made to hold my hand in an open position, and hopefully I can wear it while I sleep. Otherwise all that time is just wasted, don’t you think?

hand comparison Jan. 2012

Did I mention that I’m left-handed? This should be good for a laugh. I am now busy trying to do everything I can think of that requires fine motor skills with my left hand. Lots to do before the first of February. If memory serves me, I will be functioning with one good hand for about 2 months. I’m trying to think of things to do that require only one hand, or one hand with a bit of help from some pathetically functioning fingers. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m going to record everything I can related to the surgery – before, during and after – as thoroughly as I can. Dr. Beveridge – bring it on!

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  1. I had a simple carpol-tunnel release on my left (dominate!) hand in 1987. It was amazing how quickly my brain adapted to using my right hand. I could write legibly after a few days…but then I don’t do the detail intensive crafts that you do…but I’ll be your brain will shift gears well and you won’t feel as handicapped as you imagine.


  2. I know I’ll see a few times before Feb 1st but I just want to say I know you’re doing the right thing and I’m around if you need help in any way. Really…just call or tap out an email with your right hand! You are such a trooper.
    All the very best!


  3. Bring it on, indeed! What amazing results you have had from the initial surgery and I am trusting that this next hand will be equally successful. Your hands have achieved such fabulous creative work over the past years – it will be great to have them both ‘back in business’ and you pursuing your passion full tilt…


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