At this moment I am having some difficulty reaching the keyboard as I have a cat on my lap. Her name is Kush and she belongs to my son, Marc. Marc has moved home from Victoria for a while before he heads for Australia. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t want any cats at our house, since my daughters are both allergic. But things just don’t always work out as planned, and Marc and Kush have been here for a few weeks. When they first arrived I was very upset because the cat was not at all friendly. At least I don’t think it’s very friendly to scratch and hiss at anyone who approaches. Apparently I was not the only one who was upset. Kush was not happy with having been trapped in a vehicle for 2 days while being uprooted from her home.

cat under a blanket

She has gotten over that. With time she has relaxed and become a delightful companion and a lot of fun to have around. We have bonded for several reasons. The first is probably the heated floor in my bathroom. The second is because I am around a lot, and I don’t hesitate to shower affection on this feline. She is going to live with my parents while Marc is away, so my time with her is limited. I’m making the best of it. Marc was just away skiing for a week, and that one-to-one time cemented my bond with the cat. Kush reminds me how much I enjoyed having a cat in the past. When talking to friends I try not to get too carried away with stories about how “adorable” this animal is. But this is my blog, and I can tell you – she is adorable. She is very sociable. I’m not sure if she likes to sleep on my lap because she wants to be close, or because she likes the warmth. (She is used to the weather in Victoria, even though she is an indoor cat.) But regardless of why, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with this silly beast. Here are a few photos to prove it.

cat on my desk

cat checking out my coffee

view from above - cat on my lap

cat snoozing in the studio

cat on my lap

Kush is fascinated by running water. She loves to get into the shower where I can turn on the water for just a few seconds and she can chase the water to the drain. She sits and stares at various parts of the shower – the faucet, the tap or the drain. Sometimes she won’t get out of the shower until it is on full stream from overhead. Then she daintily steps outside and sits watching the water from the shower doorway or the bathroom counter.

cat watching water drip

close up of cat

For exercise, Kush will chase the red dot of a laser pointer for as long as a human is willing to point it around for her. She charges up and down a flight of stairs and from room to room. Our house has a large open plan area that is perfect for this game. It’s hard to tell who enjoys it the most – cat or human. No kidding.

cat looking guilty on the table

cat playing with ornament on the lights

cat profile

cat on work table

cat relaxing

Sorry – there is no end to the cuteness of this cat.

cat in sous vide container

cat on drawers

cat on my lap

cat watching me

19 thoughts

  1. Oh my goodness! Kush is so sweet! I am secretly hoping you get to keep her. And, PS–the tile in your shower is great! I love the colors and fish scale design. It’s lovely! Have a wonderful day.


    1. Thank you. I’ve decided to keep Kush while my son is away but haven’t told my parents yet. But the good news is that I found a cat for them. Wonder if they’ll remember what Kush looks like. (They don’t use the internet so I’m safe there.) Wish me luck!


      1. By the way, did you do the tile in the bathroom where Kush is staring at the water? After I posted my first comment I strolled through other articles you’ve shared and noticed you are a tile artist. Just wondered if you had done the tile there–it really is unique and wonderful.


      2. That bathroom tile was done before I started playing with tile. It is a fabulous tile that was made in France – no longer available of course. But thanks for the compliment. I need to renovate another bathroom but I can’t decide what to do with the tile, so the bathroom waits…


  2. Found your link over at Hot Rod Cowgirl:

    Kush is a real beauty! So very sweet; I would have a hard time parting with her when the time came.

    If you have a minute, stop by my blog and see our kitty, Sundae. Sometimes she even takes over writing a post now and then!

    Have a good day!


  3. Oh my goodness you are right!!! Minnie and Kush must be sisters somehow!!! Incredible that they have the same look to their eyes….the tiger stipes with a few dots and splashes….and the white on their tummy and chest…..wowie!!! Mnnie is 17 years old this year and I have never seen another kitty that looked like her! Give Kush Kitty and big kitty huggies from Minnie and me:)


    1. Just what Kush needs – more attention from me! No problem giving her some extra hugs. I haven’t had a cat for several years, and I’d forgotten how much I like having one around! Thanks for checking by!


  4. So cute!

    My cat also loves water. When he was a kitten he used to jump into the shower with me.

    He would always be in the tub and we would leave a little water running and close the drain and then he would just lay in it. Even now he, still needs his water ever day. When he comes out, my dog is always there to greet him so that he can lick the water off his head. Pets are so strange but so wonderful too!


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  6. Wonderful cat pictures! Since you’ve bonded…can you work a visitation for your parents? Like they get to visit you! (and Kush). She looks so well adjusted to your house and your routine… I must have been a cat in a former life.
    Happy Valentine Day to you both.


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