This is a view that I love to wake up to – straight out our living room window. That’s a beautiful New Mexico blue sky over snow-covered ski runs. Even when I’m not skiing, I love the view. Christine and I were able to share a bit of our paradise with her friend, Janna. The weather was a mixed bag ranging from sunshine with soaring temperatures to a socked in snowstorm that left a huge dump of snow. Great for skiers and photographers alike.

view out the front window

While in Taos we had a great brunch. I made a fruit salad and Christine made a terrific dish loosely based on the taco  lasagna from With cappuccinos and lattes to round out the menu, we had a fabulous meal.

fruit salad

tortilla lasagna

serving of tortilla lasagna

Taos living room

It’s always nice to relax with family and friends in our home away from home.

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    1. Truly there isn’t a bad time of the year to visit. It can get a little hot in the summer, depending on exactly where you visit. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Hope you get to visit sometime.


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful dream! Every time, without fail, that I see the word “Taos”, as in the place in New Mexico, I always think of “The Tao of Pooh” or simply “Tao”, as in the philosophical notion focused on harmony with all things. It seems to me that your visit there is truly “Tao-ful”. 🙂


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