back to the print table!

This week I was finally able to work on printing cards again. What a treat. My hand is functioning well enough to manage the printing process. Fortunately I have stamps carved to work with, as the intensity of working with a blade would be too much to handle. (I’m trying to exercise a little restraint.)

table for printing

hanging cards for ink to dry

green happy card

black happy birthday card

green happy birthday card

flowered happy card

This last card shows just how I’m feeling about getting printing ink on my hands again! Messy is good. Messy is fun!

7 thoughts on “back to the print table!

  1. Love it. Very happy and cheerful artwork!


    1. Thanks, Linda. That means a lot coming from someone who does work that I admire as much as yours. Need to get busy and do some more printing – everything keeps getting in my way! Terri


      1. Aw, thanks to you, as well! I also have the same problem with getting down to work some days. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. (Loving your recipes and all else on your blog, too!)


  2. Art and Picture Framing April 2, 2012 — 9:09 AM

    Great shots! Was a productive eve.


    1. Thanks – it’s be great to be working together again!


  3. Those make me happy, too. Glad to hear you are able to get back to doing this! 🙂


    1. Thanks Emmy, and thanks for the reminder to make some kale chips! Maybe I can fit them in while waiting for ink to dry…


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