weekly photo challenge : 2 subjects

Here are a few pictures containing 2 subjects. Oh excellent – another chance to include a photo of Kush the cat. It’s not the best picture of her but I needed to use Tiger’s visit to have 2 subjects. Don’t worry, I’ll post some good shots of Kush soon. I have plenty to choose from – plenty. The other photos are fading roses (which I love watching dry on the stem), my favorite sushi – unagi (eel) and some friends from my studio.

2 roses

doll and puppet

2 cats meeting through glass

studio toys


Polish dolls

6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : 2 subjects

  1. Love the cats… Made me smile.
    And the roses looked divine! So lush, even as they wilted away.


    1. Thanks Olga. The roses were beautiful for a long time past their prime. A friend who was visiting offered to throw them out for me and I had to explain that I wasn’t finished enjoying them! My son’s goofy cat makes me smile every day. Thanks for commenting.


    1. Thanks Dianna. What would we do without our cameras?


  2. Seeing double – love Kush and Tiger appraising one another…


    1. Me too, expecially since there is not nasty odor left to mark the occasion.


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