Good news! Finally the weather is warm enough to get to work in the garden. I should be out there cleaning the beds, washing the deck, rearranging the pots that have been stacked for the winter and planning all that needs to be done. I need to buy plants for my myriad of fabulous flower pots, and of course then they need to do be planted! Now for the bad news – I can’t get excited about it. I don’t have my usual enthusiasm to get out there and dig in the dirt, and I think I’ve figured out why. I don’t want to stress my hands doing this intense physical labor. My hands are recovering from their respective surgeries. I’m doing physio exercises for mobility and strength, my chiropractor is working with me and I’m doing yoga. All of these things are helping my hands to regain their function, but they are not there yet. They need more work and more time. I’m totally optimistic , but it is hard to be patient. Really hard. At this time I want to save my hands for creative endeavors in the house!

I decided to wander around the yard and see what was growing, and was delighted to find these familiar faces. Sculptures are scattered around my garden where they give a reason to smile when you chance upon them.

yard guard

three wooden figures


elephant statue

mother monkey

happy asparagus

metal beet

happy veggie


I was pleasantly distracted by my garden friends, but I did notice a lot of lovely fresh green shoots. I’ve asked some human friends to help me with the gardening and I hope that works out. It will be good to have all the work done, especially by someone else!

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    1. I painted the three wooden figures with the now peeling paint (that’s just patina, right?) but that’s it. I have done some tile work outside that I’ll post one eventually. For these shots I was just looking for pieces with faces! Thanks for dropping in.


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