Bala Bay, Ontario

Last week-end I was outside of Toronto for a family wedding. It was a lovely setting, and I wanted to share a sample of photos from the area and the wedding.

Bala Ontario

Bala falls

Precambrian sign

great rock

canoe rental and bait shop

bride and groom

bride's family and groom

into the lake?

little restaurant

lake view

view from restaurant at sunset

This is a beautiful part of Canada. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to spend time travelling in this wonderful country.


      1. I’m not surprised, it’s such a big country. 2004. Saw quite a bit. Highlights were polar bears in Churchill, the landscapes in Yukon, the Rocky Mountaineer (and the Rockies), catching up with a friend in Winnipeg (yes Winnipeg), and I really enjoyed the diversity of Alberta where I see you live.


  1. Muskoka is soooo beautiful! It amazes me how lush and green it is. But my favourite is heading out of the city in the fall… the colours are amazing especially when they’re set against a blue sky and blue lake. It’s also amazing to me that this is really only about an hour a half outside of such a major city! Thanks for sharing, Terri! Great photos.


    1. Olga, of course the hour and a half you are referring to is with good traffic, right? Being from Alberta, I can’t believe all the cars on the highway around Toronto. That would drive me insane! I guess I’m just spoiled. Terri


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