KUSH!  I recently found out that Kush was awarded Cat of the Month on Cats and Co blog. We both felt quite honored. This inspired me to treat Kush to a manicure and pedicure at the local vet’s. (I’ve never trimmed a cat’s nails before and this pampering was a treat for both of us.) Kush behaved like a perfect lady for the technician so it was a painless experience on her part. I am already enjoying the benefit of a cat without killer claws. I didn’t realize that they were getting out of hand until I started to feel like a human pin cushion. Now I won’t look like I’ve played in a forest of rose  bushes – in a sleeveless shirt no less.

Today I am sitting outside, enjoying my coffee with Kush resting beside my chair. She is wearing a harness attached to a leash attached to a huge long nylon loop which is secured to a chair. Kush is an indoor cat, and I certainly don’t want to be responsible for loosing her in the great outdoors. I wanted her to be able to explore, but she seems quite content to rest in the shade and watch the world. Occasionally she stretches up to chew some grass in a flower-pot. Life is good. And just so you don’t worry about her getting tangled up in her restraint system, be assured I would not leave her out on her own. (I had to create the extension for the leash. I felt like an idiot following her around the yard, while she stopped to sniff and snoop every plant.) Of course now that she has a long lead, she hasn’t strayed more than 3 feet away from me. Silly cat.

cat in the sun

cat resting by my chair

curious cat

cat exploring the jungle

cat resting after her big adventure

After a couple of hours outside, we had to come back into the house. Kush decided to get comfy and have a rest in one of her favorite boxes.

15 thoughts

  1. You are one wonderful foster parent Terri – Kush is indeed a very lucky Kitty. To think she was treated to a pedi and manicure – I was just thinking of doing the same thing for myself….


  2. I have a huge smile on my face after reading this post. Not only do I feel refreshed having lived vicariously through your sunny garden explorations, Kush is so sweet and beautiful that smiles just naturally come. Thank you! 🙂


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