Thought I’d dig through some old photos here. Hope no one minds… Friendship takes many forms. Some of the kids in these photos have been friends for years. They’re like my extended family. Some friendships are strong enough to weather the years, others are not destined to survive. Some friendships are by nature temporary – travel mates, people you meet on the road or people you share an event with. Sometimes there is an instant connection and bonds form regardless of the situation. I think all friendships are good, as long as we remember that they come in different shapes and sizes.

Stampede girls

guys hanging out

grad preparation

boys with a great sense of humor

big kids at play

Toronoto trip

lunch in Istanbul

new friends in Turkey

yoga workshop lunch

Now technically, this last shot might not be considered a friendship photo, but I’m confident that my Pez characters are pretty close. This could have something to do with their actual proximity, but sometimes friendships are forged for that very reason. My two best friends at university sat on either side of my drafting area. (I had switched from my assinged seat for some reason, but it worked out.)

partial Pez collection

I’m always open to meeting people, and sometimes it’s where you’d least expect it. One of my best friends was working in a shop where I took my photos for developing when we met, and we have been good friends for about 25 years. For many years I had a great hair dresser who I met on the phone as a wrong number. I also became friends with a girl (this was a few years ago) when I worked in a furniture store and I talked her into going somewhere else to find what she wanted. We connected instantly. You must be open to what life delivers or the delivery might be turned away.

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  1. One of my great friendships started because I waved to a guy on campus and called out his name, “Hey Dusty!” To my surprise, he and the stranger in front of him waved back. WHat are the odds 2 guys with the same name walking on the same sidewalk?
    Since I now knew his name, I introduced myself to the stranger and we became very good friends throughout college.


  2. The anti-socialist in me thinks you saved the best shot for last. That’s a lovely class of Pez! Seriously, you can never predict where or when you’re going to meet someone that you instantly share chemistry.


    1. Glad you like that shot. I have a few hundred Pez on display and they don’t get out much. For one thing, I have each one stuck down with a little bit of picture tacky. As soon as I wrote this post I thought of some other weird places I’ve met people, so I’m glad you agree.


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