weekly photo challenge : create

There are so many ways to illustrate this theme. I have chosen to show women involved in the creative process in Turkey.

young girl weaving

nomadic woman weaving

young woman weaving

women making jewellry

Whether weaving or making jewelry, these women were totally involved in their work. It was a privilege to watch them create.

4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : create

  1. Their creating looks very complicated! I think I might just stick to typing!


    1. Nobody said creating was easy! Remember some people would be totally challenged by a keyboard. We all do what we can (or in some cases, what we must.)


  2. When were you in Turkey.. this would be wonderful to see!


    1. Barb,
      Turkey is one of my favorite places to travel. These pictures are from 2005 and I’ve been fortunate to visit twice more since then. My good friend, Catherine, operates a business in Turkey offering carpets, textiles and tours. I’ll post a link to her website but I can’t figure out how to put a link in this reply. If you are interested in going sometime, we need to talk!


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