weekly photo challenge : fleeting moment

This challenge was described as an opportunity to show some street photography. Excellent, as I love taking pictures EVERYWHERE I go. The biggest challenge for me was selecting the photos which best represented a fleeting moment – or two. I settled on some photos from a trip to Peru. The first three were taken at a festival in Chinchero, near Cuzco. I was totally overwhelmed by the color and clothing and how it was totally amazing to be in the midst of all the activity. There were very few tourists present, and we were able to share in the obviously joyous atmosphere. As I look back at my photos I am still in awe.

procession into church

festive parade

woman going downstairs

Here you can see the everyday activity on a street as we were leaving Chinchero.

street in Chinchero

children waving

This last photo isn’t the finest quality, but it was the best I could do as our bus was pulling away from the museum in Lima.

7 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : fleeting moment

  1. Thank you for sharing those pictures, the cloths and accessories those dancers are wearing are really interesting and full of details, I hope I can visit peru one day


    1. It was a beautiful and fascinating trip, and I want to go back to see more of the country. I’d also like to visit Bolivia. There are so many places to go and not enough time and money!


      1. Indeed! I always wish to be the host of one of those travel documentaries. See the world and explore the different cultures


  2. love the ‘downshot’ on the person carrying the bundle – quintessentially Peru… good eye and great street photography


    1. Thanks, Catherine. It means a great deal coming from you!


  3. What a trip that must have been.. I look forward to seeing other photos you’ve taken there! The last one actually looks like it was intentionally “artsy”.. I loved all of these today, Terri!


    1. Thanks, Barb. I feel like photo management is my curse for taking so many photos. Fortunately I love going through them and reliving my travels.


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