Now get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about the fruit. I know you are probably spellbound and totally curious about what I have to say about a pear, right? Or perhaps just a little interested? Or maybe I’d better just show you what I’m talking about so you can get on to another blog.

I bought some linen yardage that was woven in panels for tea towels. I cut them apart, hemmed them and decided to print them. Chose a pear to carve since there was one woven into the fabric, and pears have a great shape. Drew this in my sketchbook:

sketch of pears

Someone suggested that I print a variety of fruit images. (People who don’t have to do the work are always full of suggestions.) Next I transferred the image to my stamping material, carved the stamp and went to work with some textile ink. This is how the tea towels turned out:

printed tea towels

single pear printPerhaps not all that exciting, but a start. I’ve ordered and received a selection of textile inks, and I’m learning about mixing medium and pigments to create colors. My head is so full of ideas that I’m afraid it might explode, but as Martha would say, “That’s a good thing.”

14 thoughts

  1. Nice and I have a whole tree full 🙂 Thanks! Maybe I will print with them on a stool that sits under mine 🙂


      1. I had over a thousand pears on this tree and only so many can be eaten. Looking forward to playing 🙂 Thanks for the post you inspired me to use what sits right outside my door. I used to make prints as a child but that was many years ago lol


  2. Don’t fret! I really do think it a lovely pear! As a weaver I can appreciate the overflow of ideas that can be inspired by one seemingly inconsequential item. Who knew! A couple of years ago I put a warp on a loom and painted it then wove over it when it dried. That turned into a pair of wings. Cool thought processes. What next? (Oh yeah, Fibre Rules!!!)


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