weekly photo challenge : free spirit

I’m afraid I didn’t follow the rules on this challenge. The description of “free spirit” as presented just didn’t resonate with me so I decided to just do it my way. Here are my interpretations of free spirit. The first 2 photos show carefree children playing in a fountain.

kids playing in fountain

more kids in the fountain

The next photo shows a road runner – standing still but a free spirit non the less.

road runner

I captured this next photo of a butterfly near a flower. Can’t remember if it was coming or going, but either way it lives its short life as a free spirit.


My last photo shows a free-spirited girl enjoying a zip line in style.

zip line girlI took a free-spirited ride on that same zip line and the feeling of  exhilaration was amazing – a real rush. Can I have another turn? Please?

The rules for the weekly photo challenge can be found here.

16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : free spirit

  1. your free spirit photos are impressive.I like the one about the butterfly,you were not sure whether it’s coming or going.Children and water that was perfect photo of free spirits.


    1. Thanks, Ranu. It is always fun going through my photos to meet the weekly challenge!


  2. Great, great photos. 🙂


  3. Great photos for the challenge!


  4. Great interpretation of the theme…


  5. Beautiful shots! All perfect for the challenge Terri.


  6. That zip-line would be sooo fun! I think you’re post truly is a free spirited one because you interpreted it your very own way! Loved the water splashing photos!!


    1. Thanks, Barb. I’m sure those parents might have thought I was a stalker if I could have stopped laughing. I took dozens of photos – almost enough for a stop motion video – but the kids were having so much fun! I couldn’t resist. And if you haven’t done a zip-line, I highly recommend it!


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