I thought I’d try for a few different takes on this week’s challenge. The first photo is an old one that my son and his friends set up when they hauled a broken mannequin all around the city taking photos.

broken mannequinHere’s a photo of a metal grid with a brick wall in the distance. The grid is a stair platform that is only about 4 feet wide. Near and far is a relative thing.

metal grill in front of brick wallI took this photo at a wedding reception. I like the clarity of the table centerpiece against the blurred focus of the women in the distance.

table center at a weddingHere’s a photo of a friend standing on one of the overlook balconies on the Gorge Bridge outside of Taos, New Mexico.

gorge overlook - TaosMy favorite near and far photo was taken on a bus in Eastern Turkey. I love the details you see in the bus and how far you can see in the distance.

on the bus in Eastern Turkey

It seems almost anywhere you travel in the world you can see the familiar McDonald’s sign!

16 thoughts

  1. I like your pictures,the one I like most is the centre piece in the wedding you attended,with the blurred pictures of the women.
    Terri,how do you come up with so many varieties of blogs.To me it seems like a 9 to 5 job!
    Take care.I would love to see your next post.


    1. I stick with the photo challenge for one post a week, and because I love to create, print, cook etc. there always seems to be something I can share. Sometimes I’m a bit stuck for “what’s next?” but I like meeting my personal challenge of 3 posts per week. Thanks for your comment – makes me feel good.


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