weekly photo challenge : happy

First of all kudos to WordPress for getting the challenge out bright and early on Friday! Now it’s my fault for leaving it till late in the day. Oh well, let’s see what I can find to share. Happy is pretty easy to find in my photos.  I am lucky to have such happy friends and family, and knowing that makes me happy. Talk about a vicious circle!

baby & mom

Marc & Julie

Sione & Christine

Brad & Kim

Devon, Andrew & Christine

happy Turkish girls

happy PezThe 3 adorable little girls were happy to pose for a photo in Istanbul. The last photo just makes me feel happy and I hope you do too!

8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : happy

  1. Oh, that last photo is wonderful! I collected Pez dispensers for about 10 years and used to have them arranged just like this in a Pez Army. Too much moving to keep lugging them around but lovely to see these.


  2. The babies smile is so contagious! So are the others… I like seeing people happy in this negativity-centered world. It makes me happy too 🙂


  3. I love all of these because everyone looks so happy.


    1. I agree – all real smiles – not just camera ready faces. Thanks.


  4. Thanks for all the smiles – they make me feel happy too!


    1. They do that, don’t they? Thanks for taking time to comment. Have a happy day!


  5. Hi Terri,your happy pictures are beautiful.Istambul must be a grand place to visit. All the best to you.


    1. Thanks. That’s one reason I was up late last night preparing my post. I get lost looking at photos from Turkey, imagining my next visit!


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