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  1. Wonderful what effects there are with reflections ! These are all amazing Terri – great photos.
    Ha I thought our new library was quite something else – with reservations to be honest about it’s initial impression but am warming to it’s innovative design will probably post another time !


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve only made it into the lobby/entrance of the library and it is amazing as well. That must have been a different visit than my exterior photos as they weren’t together. Next visit I’ll make time to explore the interior properly. I love libraries.


  2. It sure is a magnificent building,Terri.Seattle must be close to where you live. What can I say,since I cannot compete with you in anything i.e photography,cooking ,gardening,tiling,I don’t know what else you excel in.I may as well stand back and say Wow to everything you do.Thanks a bunch for your posts.


    1. Ranu, thanks again for your compliments. I don’t think of blogging as a competition – we all have things to share. My knowledge of history from other parts of the world is very limited, and I am fascinated with some of your posts, so thanks to you for blogging!


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