I thought I’d take chance to relax during this hectic holiday season. I wanted to share a few design inspiration shots I’ve taken recently. The first photo shows a pattern on cellophane, one that appeared while I was cutting the wrap for my fruit cakes. This is 2 layers of cellophane printed with rows of dots – perfectly regular rows. I can’t understand how this pattern can be created by regular rows – but it was! I couldn’t get a shot without reflections because I couldn’t risk moving the cellophane and disrupting things.

cellophane dot patternHere are a couple of frosty photos.

gate spring

frozen plantThe steam shower in my bathroom leaves beautiful trails of water as the shower cools. I just love the look.

water trail 1

water trail

water trail 5

water trail 4

water trail 2

art through the water

10 thoughts

  1. The third picture (frosty) is amazing. I always like the trail patterns on my shower curtain as well. When it rains, I try to take some time watching the droplets form bigger drops and travel down the glass on my windows. It camls me down.


  2. Clever shots Terri ! I really like the frosty gate spring back and No 5 shot of drops in No5 🙂 I have a silver starfish christmas tree decoration which has this sort of texture all over it 🙂


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