all set for dinner

I am so annoyed. I was very organized and put together a blog post about something I’d seen in Toronto. Then when I went to upload the photos, I couldn’t find them! I’ve spent a couple of hours going through the 57,000 photos in my Aperture program and they are not there. So I will keep looking another day when I’m not so frustrated. In the meantime, I’m sharing a few photos that show my house at it’s very finest. That would be – just before company arrives for dinner. I find entertaining is the perfect excuse to tidy up and put away all the flotsam and jetsam that seems to accumulate when I’m busy living my life

front hall

kitchen & eating area

table all set

table centerpiece

family room

I love finding intersting things around the house to decorate the table. It’s a perfect excuse to pull out some of the “collectibles” I have accumulated. I often sew my tablecloths since it is difficult to find much selection in round cloths that are 90″ in diameter. I wish things always looked like this. It would be like living in a dream until I woke up and realized there are too many interesting things to do besides clean house every day. Can’t blame me for dreaming.

15 thoughts on “all set for dinner

  1. Hi Terri, It sounds like we are a lot alike even though our homes are very different. My husband always says that we should have more parties because the house always looks perfect. šŸ™‚


  2. What a beautiful home! You are surrounded by light and color – a mood-enhancer for sure šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I am very lucky to live in these beautiful surroundings, and the light is fabulous.


  3. Nice space and lovely pix – I take it you were having Indian for dinner? Guests and the Queen coming are pretty much the only time when my house is in order too… thanks for visiting!


    1. I keep trying to invite the Queen, but she doesn’t make it to the colonies that often any more!


  4. Love the light in your home in that first picture! The fixtures and what looks like sunlight in the far end, wonderfully reflecting against the white walls and ceilings.


    1. Thanks, Beth. We’re lucky to have light coming into the main area from windows on all sides of the house.


  5. Home sweet home – beautiful when it is tidy but equally great when it has the ‘lived in’ look. Your table is always so great when you entertain – an inspiration…


    1. Thanks, Catherine. Kind of you to say that. I know you share my pleasure in setting a beautiful table.


  6. Great Post,thanks.


  7. OOOH, Terri! More pictures of your house, PLEASE!! (One of my photographer friends say that indoor photography is really hard but you really got it down!


  8. Terri, I adore our house, but I could move in with you in a New York minute! Beautiful, light, airy, fresh, sophisticated.And the art!!!
    Great place. Glad you misplaced the other photos.


    1. Thanks, Hillary. But when it comes to upkeep, I’d trade you!


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