weekly photo challenge : unique

For this week’s challenge, I’m taking an easy approach to the post. I collect Absolut Vodka bottles. They don’t need to have vodka in them, I just like the bottles. I love the simple classic shape, and the creativity that goes into their marketing.  “Absolut Unique” – is one of their newest promotional campaigns, with the slogan “one of a kind, millions of expressions”. Absolut is producing approximately 4,000,000 unique bottle designs. How cool is that? On the Absolut website, this is how they describe the process:

” Splash Guns and Algorithms

To give each bottle a unique design, we had to re-engineer our entire production process. Through decades of fine-tuning, we have become experts at making sure each and every bottle of ABSOLUT looks exactly the same. Now we turned this method on its head: no two bottles must look the same.

We set up splash guns and color-generating machines, and developed an algorithm that places individual patterns on top of a specially applied coat of paint, allowing for a nearly endless sequence of combinations from 35 colors and 51 patterns. We defined the rules and then let the machines do the designing themselves. Our facilities looked more like an artist’s studio than a bottle factory.”

My son, Marc, bought me this bottle. It is number 2,356,527. Isn’t it beautiful?

bottle number label side view other side view back view

27 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : unique

  1. This was a bit fun – I live 25 kilometres from where they make it – Åhus, Sweden. And – I like the bottles too.


    1. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t love them! Ooh, do they do factory tours? I love factory tours of all kinds. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. They do! Thanks for stopping by here too!


      2. Must add that to my travel “to do” list!


  2. The most wonderful part perhaps about art is that it can be found everywhere! Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂


  3. I had no idea this edition existed Terri! It is beautiful!


    1. I keep telling everyone about it in the hope that I’ll get another bottle for my collection. I’m not sure they are even being sold in Canada… Marc brought this one home from Australia – such a good boy. I hope that if anyone else gets one they will at least email me a photo!


  4. So my question is… Who drinks the vodka?


    1. I have 4 adult children, and they are willing to help out when they visit… Also sometimes the bottles are gifts from friends who know that empties are fine – with a lid. I do like them to have the lid on as they look good and then you can’t tell that they’re empty!


  5. The comments section is even better than the post! Just a woman of mystery. I’m lolling. So hard.


    1. Thanks. There’s no point in blogging if I can’t entertain!


  6. Bravo Marc, Good eye! Bottel #2,356,527 is a beauty….


  7. Hey Terri, I did not know this about you. Another interesting aspect of your life.


  8. You come up with so many cool stuff,what I want to say is: your work is amazing.


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