silk screen study

I just arrived home from a class I’m taking at ACAD, the Alberta College of Art and Design. This exceptional school offers degree programs, as well as a fabulous extended studies program – something for everyone. The course I’m taking is silk screening on fabric – something I know will be fun and incredibly useful. I plan on adding silk screening to my print repertoire, and doing more work on fabric. With 8 weeks of classes lined up, I’m off to a good start. For our first class we went over the basics. Here’s a picture of me holding my screen up to the light to make sure that it is clean. It may look dirty, but the screen is just stained. I’m checking that none of the mesh on the screen is blocked with old ink. (I’m thinking I need to add some vertical stripes to that apron…)

checking screen

We learned how we might set up our work area and tips on keeping things clean.

work table

Then we cut a simple paper stencil and tried our hand with screen printing. I started with orange ink, and then added some yellow to blend in. It was a good class. Here are some of the samples I printed.

orange yellow orange yellow swirl yellow orange swirl sample fabric

11 thoughts on “silk screen study

  1. OOoohh…I am SO jealous! 🙂 It’s times like these when I miss being in a major center. Have fun, Terri. I’m there in spirit!


    1. You know it’s just one more way for me to get into trouble!


      1. Ah, yes, but what delicious trouble it is!


  2. I love that picture because you look so happy and absorbed!


    1. I was also feeling sneaky, as the instructor said “no photos” in class, except of your own work. I am my own work, right? Tell me, how can you say “no photos” to a blogger? Seriously.


  3. I’m at ACAD this semester as well.. taking Adobe Photoshop. I love it there and want to take so many classes, yours looks so fun! I love what you’ve done so far! xx


    1. I’m jealous that you’re learning Photoshop. I want the results but I can’t seem to find the time to learn how!


  4. Very nice – enjoy! Love the design.


  5. whirling dervish of a print… love the top down view….


  6. Nice design, silk screen sounds like fun.


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