The planets were in alignment yesterday as we drove from Lethbridge to Calgary and I was able to get some nice photos of a quirky spot on this planet – Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, North America, Earth. Easily confused with the planet of Vulcan, but easier to reach by car in a matter of minutes, vs. light years. Here’s what waits for you in Vulcan on Earth:

greetings sign vulcan starship and sign vulcan starship sign Vulcan welcome sign Klingon sign crew sign vulcan starship

I know, I know, I should have had my picture taken with the crew – next time I’ll do it. There was a wickedly cold wind blowing, which is strange considering that Vulcan is considered a hot planet… I suppose the dead giveaway that this isn’t in space is the Canadian flag blowing in the wind, and the Petro Canada service station in the background. I’ll warn you now that the website listed on the sign above is no longer available, but you can check out more info here. I don’t want to mislead you – there isn’t a lot written in this entry. There is a photo of the Tourism and Trek Station.  I couldn’t bring myself to photograph it, so this might be the only way you’ll see it.

Signing out with greetings from the Star Trek crew stationed at my house. Live long and prosper.

Star Trek Pez

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